imageThe  skincare business is loving oils for your skin care routine. There’s olive oil, argon oil, emu oil and my new favorite coconut oil. This is my newest craze that I must share.

First of all, it’s cheap! I tried to order a jar that cost $7.99 which got rave reviews but the shipping was. $9.70! So off to Whole Foods to investigate their inventory. For $7.00 I have my coconut oil for my skincare routine. While purchasing I met a devotee who told me he showers with it. My first thought was that I would have to wear shoes so I wouldn’t slip! So I bought a bar of coconut soap to compromise.

My dilemma is how to integrate this miracle into my skincare routine. I may not need body lotion if I use my new oil,my deep hair  conditioners can leave, and my night time face moisturizing cream may get replaced because I get all of this for $7.00! Coconut Oil uses are found in over 100 applications. Taking it orally ( 2 tablespoons a day) reduces the craving for sweets. But as I read on, there are 2 sides in this controversy. The advocates  and the detractors. Yes it is a saturated fat that can raise cholesterol but the advantages and testimonials are very positive. I will read on but will do so as I’m taking my daily dosage and making it a prime in my skincare routine.

Coconut oil has been around for a very long time but now it’s really catching on. It’s naturally anti bacterial, anti fungal and a fabulous moisturizer. Just rubbing it on dry.  cracked hands will really make a difference and the smell is delicious! The best scrub is mixing 2 tablespoons of coconut oil with 1 tablespoon of sugar!! Rub on your skin, wipe off, then rinse. Your skin will feel glorious!! Yes, I’m definitely making room for my jar of coconut oil in my beauty routine.


TofuShirataki When I know I have gone too far in over indulgence, there’s only one solution – The 30 day  Diet! I am a big fan of all the diet plans such as Weight Watchers, Nutri System, Jenny Craig  to name a few but for me, it’s easier to follow my own menu. Those last five pounds are not just in my waistline, they’re in my head! So it’s time to get the mindset and not make excuses!

Sure I know portion control and balanced meal planning but with my sweet tooth and love of pizza, I need the strict, no-fun regiment! My duration is 30 days and after 14 days a reward of 2 slices of my favorite pizza.

Basically it’s no carbs!! Bread, cereal, potatoes, rice, cookies etc. etc. are taboo! It’s really no to everything I love and crave. I follow Nike’s slogan-Just Do It!!

You must eat 5 times a day with intervals of 2 1/2 to 3 hours apart. The 30 day diet is simple with very little variation because then I open the door to too many choices. That’s the key- few choices so you can’t stray.

The 30 Day Diet

1. Protein Whey Powder drink

2. Plate of Egg Whites with sliced strawberries

3. Tuna salad wrapped in a romaine lettuce leaf, mixed salad with oil/ vinegar and slices of pear or any fruit you like.

4. Shiratki tofu noodles with olive oil and Parmesan ( I get the fettuccine, 20 calories and so filling. This is the secret ingredient to keep me full and not feeling carb deprived.

5. Dinner can be a 6″ Subway( the only bread I allow) or BocaBerger  or  chicken with a salad. Add veggies and you will be full!

6. Night time snack is either pear,  popcorn, or celery with a tiny smear of Laughing Cow cheese. I also love my 10 calorie jello which satisfies my sweet tooth.

So that’s it!! The 30 day Diet! Certainly not fun but it breaks my sugar/carb link craving and the nasty middle roll of fat disappears! Keep drinking water! I read that when you feel hungry it could be that you’re just thirsty… Hmm I don’t think so but I’ll keep drinking!


The cosmetic world is now flooding us with the latest makeup products you must own! They Prime, Tint and Blur! Yes, we need an explanation.

tintedmoisture4Primers are products that you put over your moisturizer and under your makeup. Think of painting a room and putting a primer on first. Well for me, I just always painted so my thought was ” do I need this?” For those women who want their foundation to last all day, the experts say you need it!

tinted moistureTinted moisturizer is just what it says- a little color added to moisturizer for a sheer tint. When you use this product the question is ” do I skip my moisturizer?” The answer is no! Be sure to allow your moisturizer to absorb  unless what you will have is not a glow but what I call a sticky mess!

Now to the BB creams or the “blur”. They were actually created in South Korea to speed up the many steps the women used in applying makeup. They are thicker and add more coverage than a tinted moisturizer and supposedly you can omit the primer but the advocates of primers say No! Personally, you don’t need all these layers on your face! And may I add, the color selections are very limited. Why not just mix your liquid foundation with a dab of moisturizer and apply?

To confuse matters more, a CC cream has been introduced. I haven’t tried this one yet but it’s supposed to have more coverage than the BB cream! They are supposed to address issues like redness and shallowness. My question is what happened to foundations that come in so many formulas and claim to cover everything?

And be prepared because the new DD cream will be premiering very soon. I am so confused.


tintedmoisture5My conclusion to all of this: Too much!! Its confusing! But in all this confusion, I own them all because that’s who I am- if it’s happening then I have to know what’s going on in the makeup world! But I don’t wear any of them except my tinted moisturizer. Maybe I’ll get creative and make a new combination-BBCC tinted moisturizer!