Moisturizer Madness

imageI am captured in the midst of Moisturizer Madness!By reading all of the beauty blogs, perusing the fabulous online stores and loving the style/beauty sites keeps me informed but oh so over saturated!!

For almost a year I was loving my Miracle Beauty by Dr. Sebaugh whose expensive moisturizer I used for years. Cindy Crawford,as his spokes person,lured me in and the products proved to be great. They are derived from a special melon grown on his French estate. I never really questioned the properties of the melon because I loved his collection.

Well, I have since abandoned my favorite moisturizer for the wonderful Creme Divine from L’Occitaine. This special formula is derived from the Immorelle flower.

Now I have just really become entranced by the company Emerge Labs that use the rare apple stems from Switzerland. Just reading their claims make you want to buy their serum and cream. They claim that the apple stem technology will reverse aging and definitely is revolutionary!Moisturizer Madness at its best!

But wait a minute! All the moisturizers seem to have patents, claim to be revolutionary and yes, will turn back time! Am I gullible? Or could these stems be it? So far I’ve used a melon, am now into a flower and contemplating a stem! This is Moisturizer Madness! Maybe someone should combine all 3 for the most dynamic botanical cream !

Customer Service

imageCustomer Service is one of the most important factors I consider when shopping online. I love HauteLook, Shopbop and Amazon. Also the Gap and it’s affiliates provide excellent service. For me , the worst, and I will never visit them again is EBay.

It all started when I decided to sell a surf board and the sale was made to a young guy in Kentucky. I live in Los Angeles but I never thought about the price of shipping! Well, after carrying the board 8 blocks, it wouldn’t  fit in my small car, I found out it would cost almost $400 to ship! With that info I  had to cancel the order. It was then that I discovered his payment to my PayPal was never received. The fault definitely was mine because I switched banks , never informed EBay or PayPal so this kid’s money was floating in space ! I felt so bad for him that I refunded him by writing a personal check- yes , I bought my own surfboard!

My gripe was how EBay handled or should I say didn’t handle the situation. They did nothing! No Customer Service! Yes the mistake was mine but there was no excuse for their rude, abrupt lack of Customer Service!

I still wonder where that money is! PayPal was no better! All you get are recordings, no human at all, and email submits that go completely unattended.

So buyer, seller beware! Customer Service is so important and returns should be easy and not a hassle.

Yes , I still have the surfboard. I will find a great kid who will appreciate and I will see the smile on his face when I give him the surfboard that I own twice- now that’s Customer Service!

The Best Multi Purpose Moisturizer

imageI admit, I am a moisturizer junkie! But to find The Best Multi Purpose Moisturizer has made my day! I know I have said this before but this time I really think the quest is over!

By far, The Best Multi Purpose Moisturizer I have found is something I never would have expected! But that’s why I love the internet! My beauty sites, bloggers and online beauty stores are a Mecca of every product available with fabulous reviews and informative descriptions. So figure that my new discovery would be a dry oil! The word ” dry” alone is a turnoff for me but this product captivated my attention, made me read on, and for $29 ordered it!

Exactly what is a Multi Purpose Moisturizer? We’ll let me tell you ,this is! Iam amazed and in love! I use it on my face, on my hair and sparingly on my body because I want the small bottle to last. The smell is heavenly, It’s not greasy and adds a glow to my face! What else could I ask for? That doesn’t mean I’ve said goodbye to my ,at present, favorite moisturizer or the best firming and hydrating body lotion! Just like I layer my clothes, I also layer my products. This is probably not necessary but for me, more is better!

The name alone captivated me because all French words sound better to me. So  Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil has embraced my shelf . I even sneak little dabs during the day because I adore the smell! I run a small amount to the ends of my hair daily and with my palms I pat the residue on my face. You can add a few drops to your body lotion but I prefer to use on my arms and legs for that extra glow.

The Best Multi Purpose Moisturizer is this fabulous dry oil with the sexy French name. ..  hopefully I will stay faithful, stop looking because I found the best and be able to bring my obsession to a halt!