Costume Jewelry

imageThe definition for Costume Jewelry is simply explaining  that it’s made with inexpensive material or gems. With that knowledge I started to question my snobbery. Sure my gold had to be the “real thing” because that means it deserves to be worn all the time! Am I serious? I love my Cartier and it’s escalates in price( my bracelet cost twice as much now) but in reality would I, could I really afford $9000 for a triple gold bangle? So let’s move on!

i designed a collection of bracelets and had to reproduce in cheaper metals to compete in the marketplace. Much to my surprise, the knockoffs looked fantastic ! I must really reevaluate Costume Jewelry!

My blog on Lariats really changed my mind because what I was loving were all gold plated! And my favorite Hermes cuff has hardware that is certainly not solid gold! So let’s go further and look again at the great close out sales on HauteLook and Gilt. I’ve passed by some great Costume Jewelry pieces!

I wanted to explore this market so I ordered, on a fabulous sale from HauteLook, a heavy Cuban link gold bracelet. It actually got great reviews so for $20 ( it was $125) why not? Well it certainly is heavy and really looks good except for the very shininess. But that will calm down with a little help from a scrubby and normal exposure. I really think I could pull it off!!

Costume Jewelry for me will now be something I just mix in with the expensive. I wear my $2.00 beaded bracelets from Rio with my Hermes leather and never think twice! My jewelry snobbery is gone! A whole new market is opening up!


Sneaker News

imageI never thought too much about my Sneakers but really bought what everybody else was wearing. I loved my high top converse and still do even though they’re neon orange! And for working out , it has been Nike for as long as I can remember.  But now it’s getting serious! My workout Sneakers have to have that special tag of being really hip! They have to be in the Sneaker News!

My workout starts at 6:30AM so all the actors/ actresses and models are still sleeping. And my group really could care less about the outfit, just as long as we got up and got there! But that’s what I thought, not what really is! Every day a new pair of the brightest neon Nike’s enters the gym! And believe me, we all look! Sneakers are getting all the attention!

Two of my morning crowd just came in wearing the Porshe/Addidas Sneakers and they we’re ambushed by all! These things looked like Spider-Man or a Super Hero would be wearing these Sneakers that cost about $200! Now that’s Sneaker News!

I just read that the new training shoes will be sheepskin Sneakers! Now I love my UGGS but for working out I don’t think so!

Sneakers in the couture house of Dior are being “fused”. What this means is that everything from ribbons, bows , sequins and embroidery will enhance these Sneakers. I dare not ask how much! And really not for me! My Prada wedged Sneakers are about as “designer” as I get!

And what about those “special” Sneakers that are sold at the Nike store? Some are so over the top with prices that match but they are in demand by devoted. collectors and fans! A definite investment that should be cherished because they will only increase in value.

I’m starting to think about my new Sneaker purchase. I’m wondering how we go from all this neon orange, green and yellow to just plain boring black! Maybe a bright shoelace for my new Sneakers? Or maybe keep the neon and add black laces? No, I’m going to wait and see what the new Sneaker trend will be… As I said, I always follow whats in when it comes to this subject! I’ll wait for the Sneaker News!

National Lipstick Day

imageWhere have I been? I never knew July 29 was National Lipstick Day! I’m not even going to express my first thoughts! But what I read was quite interesting even though so ridiculous to me!

Ancient Greeks society claimed that women who wore Lipstick were prostitutes. Well, that sounds plausible for way back then. But not too long ago the state of Kansas tried to pass a bill banning lipstick that would be punishable!  Looks like politics hasn’t changed much if that’s all they’re thinking about !

George Washington wore lipstick! Well considering what it wore on his head, lipstick really wasn’t so outlandish. And Winston Churchhill did not ration lipstick during World War II because he thought it was good for morale. I get that! How could all those great black and white movies be made without the uniformed women wearing lipstick! A definite plus for National Lipstick Day!

And Queen Elizabeth II commissioned a custom lipstick made for her to match her coronation robe! I wonder if anyone really noticed with everything else going on?

But Elizabeth Taylor not allowing any actress on her set to wear red lipstick topped everything! How insecure could anyone be?

Statistics show 80% of women wear lipstick in the United States. We actually outrank the French by 10%! I wonder if they calculated lipgloss or lip balm in the survey?

The internet was flooded with articles on how to prevent your lipstick from smudging to the many hints on application for the perfect pucker. I never really think about any of this when I dab my lips with a gloss or a balm! This whole topic is very serious for those who actually honor National Lipstick Day!

So ladies, every July 29 pay tribute and honor your lipstick! It definitely did something right if it actually received it’s own National Lipstick Day!