A New Beauty Discovery

imageEvery time I think I have found all I need, A New Beauty Discovery appears! It’s a continuous journey that never stops!

I love a no- makeup look but I desperately need it! All my bronzing powders, self tanners and tinted moisturizers could never stand alone and always needed that touch of foundation/ concealer around the red nose and under eye areas for correction. But today I think I have discovered A New Beauty Discovery! Clarins Golden Glow! All I did was add 3 drops to my morning moisturizer and voila, I need nothing!! Unbelievable! I have solved my year-round paleness to this gorgeous natural golden tan! Try it!

I admit, I am a makeup snob ! I very rarely shop drugstore because I can’t test and play and the continuous wall of product really produces confusion and not temptation. My favorite lines are always MAC, Francois Nars and Bobbi Brown, But A New Beauty Discovery happened at Sephora. I usually only stop in to buy what I’m looking for but this time I stopped at their private label and was taken back! I was loving the extensive display of product and wanting to play ! The prices are fabulous and I left with the best chubby eye pencil I this gorgeous grey color and a new pinky lipstick which is now my favorite! A New Beauty Discovery for me!

However, what I don’t understand is the lists posted “The Best Lipsticks” or “The Best Foundations”. There is so much product out there that these lists may be correct for the writer but isn’t it really personal preference? My guide has always been Allure Magazine for what they say is “The Best”! Their research is extensive and through all my years as a fan, I have always found A New Beauty Discovery! I’m not saying bloggers don’t give good advice but to say they know the “top ten lipsticks”  is a little too restricting… No one mentioned my Sephora pink!


Footwear Flops

imageI love great shoes and boots but when I see well respected magazines raving about what I will tag Footwear Flops,I really question whether we are looking at the same thing!

The new fall collections are out and even though I won’t consider buying everything, I can certainly want! But what I’ve been seeing, I don’t want!

Lets start with a Celine sandal that for me doesn’t say fall or winter. It’s a clunky Multi layered platform that is held on to the foot with a sturdy leather strap. Not very sexy for $1450!

Alexander Wang presented a futuristic mule that does not look very comfortable or wearable for $795 while Chloe has an ankle strapped pump trimmed in lamb for $895. So far I pass on both. They may not be Footwear Flops but held no appeal for me.

Dior is featuring a “futuristic” pump for $1450 that you have to see for yourself! I’m speechless on this one!

Gucci is showing a throwback from the 70’s with a skinny patent mod boot on a 2″ clunky heel that should have stayed in their era while  Gianvito Rossi created a high heeled laced up western motif bootie for $1695 that completely missed!

I question Stella McCartney who I greatly admire. Her tan oxford on a matching 3″ base that is finished off with a thick red sole looks very therapeutic at $995, certainly not attractive. But who knows with her following, this Footwear Flop could turn into a Footwear Fad!

But my Footwear Flop award has to go to Dolce and Gabanna with their jeweled bootie for$4445! This creation looks like it came out of Aladdin!

On the other hand , I’m seeing great styles in the stores. Jimmy Choo’s high navy suede boots for $1395 are wearable and at the same time chic! I think when magazines present the outlandish, customers can’t relate and are driven away. Sure we want to know what’s happening and the newest trends but we also want to see what we can buy! Footwear Flops could be changed to Footwear Favorites!

Old is New Again

imageOld is New Again!  What I have neglected for years, thought was passé, is back !

I haven’t looked at Tiffany’s since the Elsa Peretti days and my fabulous Equestrian leather belt that I wore with everything ! And can I ever forget the silver. ” bean” that was the status necklace to own! But now Tiffany’s is back by having Francesca Amfitheatrof as creative designer. The T bracelet will definitely be the “in” status for Tiffany notoriety. Yes, the Old is New Again!

In fashion, the 70’s are back! Now that I look at the previews I see memories that I never wanted to reappear. But Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu are all for saying Old is New Again. However, from what I’ve seen, I don’t think that the era will take over what women choose to buy. Avocado green was not my best color! But I am liking the skinny high boots!

The best Old is New Again is the duo of Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett as the icons for H&M! Tony Bennett has always been at the top of my list but now he soared off the charts! What a great endorsement!

And may I add the Nars campaign featuring Charlotte Rampling! She has never disappeared from her craft but being put in the limelight to represent the great cosmetic company that is the influence in the young fashion forward market, I say Old is New Again!

My denim has forgotten Levi’s! What I wore with true devotion has been abandoned for new companies with trendy style. But now , Levi has emerged as Old is New Again! The style, the denim all look fabulous and their ads are pulling me in! Levi’s are back! But the old prices are no more, they have caught up with the high end market!

So Old is New Again! Never hang it up, never say it’s over , never cover it with moth balls!! Could it be Old only gets better?