St. Laurent Spring 2015

imageSt. Laurent Spring 2015 designed by Hedi Slimane blew me away! He captured the old St.  Laurent that I modeled and loved but added the bling and new rocker look that made it fun and exciting!

Hedi Slimane used all the great elements of the famous St. Laurent signature but his twist made it one of the best collections on the Paris runway. I loved his skinny scarves tied tightly around the model’s necks and his wide brimmed hats that brought me back to what I loved and wore.  His spin was fabulous!

The lead outfit for me was the short gilded mini skirt worn with a short red jacket that was trimmed in gold braid and topped with the status black hat . It was bling all the way said with class!

A black and white bold striped blazer topped a sheer tailored shirt and the skinny scarf tied around the neck was the St. Laurent  look. Low slung black pants was all you needed for this runway look.

The glittery halter neck tops cut to the navel were mixed with simple black pants and again the great skinny scarf around the neck. This was the look I loved and so wearable! St.Laurent Spring 2015 will definitely set the trends for this season !

This collection with sequined turbans, platform shoes and zippered minis took you back to the wonderful time of what was called the Paris underground crowd. I loved the bright green fur jacket thrown over a classic shirt and worn with trousers. There was that masculine/ feminine sexiness that only St. Laurent could do. But now Hedi Slimane brought it back  for the new generation to enjoy.

Underground glamour at it’s best!! A great collection!



Charlotte Tilbury

I am so excited! Charlotte Tilbury collectionimage will arrive at the Grove in Los Angeles October 10!!

Charlotte Tilbury is the famous makeup artist from the UK who has transformed the most beautiful women in the world. I have been a fan of hers for years and so excited that she will be selling in the United States.

I sent away for her Magic Cream Moisturizer which I am crazy for! Being a skin care junkie I can honestly say that this cream really does magic! At 6:00AM I get ready for the gym by washing my face and putting on Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream! Immediately I see the difference! Check it out , read about it, you will want it but buy it fast because it is selling out as fast as it comes in!

My other Charlotte Tilbury product that I had to have was the WonderGlow. This light champagne colored cream is then applied over my moisturized face for the most natural beautiful glow!

I am patiently awaiting the arrival of her collection so I can see the other products on my list. I know I have to have the contouring duo which looks incredible and is one of the best sellers. My look that I love is Rock Chick  which will have the Kissing Kate nude lipstick.( named after Kate Moss so how can I go wrong) The blush and eyeshadow will complete this fabulous look that i know will be perfect!

The Charlotte Tilbury collection will soon be here! Her celebrity clients like Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz , Naomi Watts will have to share their secret with the rest of us. She has a look for everyone- follow her and find your sexy palette. No more guesswork, it’s all there for your transformation!

Thank you Charlotte for my Magic Cream, and WonderGlow. Rock Chick signing off!


Jean Paul Gautier

imageSaying goodbye to Jean Paul Gautier makes me sad. I have worn his clothes for years and his creativity has always set the trends in fashion. But his runway Pret a Porter show left his teary audience smiling.

Who can ever forget Jean Paul Gautier and his love for Madonna in her cone bustier that left an  eternal imprint. Yes he shocked the world with his designs but his genius definitely set the trends. Didn’t we all want bustiers?

His show was full of his fun and parody. Champagne was sipped alongside popcorn for his guests . The show theme was Miss France  Beauty Pageant that was divided into  segments.  He had a tribute to  Mexican wrestlers that only Jean Paul Gautier could imagine. And his look alike spoof on the fashion editors had his audience laughing at themselves.

Who else but Jean Paul Gautier could design a cocktail/ jacket dress where half was a long  jacket and the other half a bustier! I own a great sheath dress that has his signature leopard lining and great bustier construction. His ready to wear was “the normal ” and unfortunately in latter years critics only gave lukewarm reviews. Combined with lagging sales, it was time to say goodbye.

Jean Paul Gautier will continue his couture with the freedom of expression that introduced him into the Fashion World many years ago. I remember the famous striped tshirt that everyone copied before the original was even manufactured. He is an icon that I know we will be seeing again. Well, maybe not on the everyday consumer but definitely on the red carpet!

Adieu Jean Paul Gautier!