Breast Bonanza

imageBreast Bonanza means exactly that! Goodbye legs, show your breasts!

We all know the great Tom Ford and his fabulous fashion but has it gone too far? At an event celebrating this icon, he was embraced by the Breast Bonanza! Miley Cyrus left nothing to the imagination in a Tom Ford creation that had two python straps that had difficulty staying put or Rihanna covering her endowments with purple sequins. Yes, the ladies were show stoppers but did they go too far?

On the other hand, Gwyneth Paltrow wore a stunning Tom Ford cut away tuxedo that had a deep plunge exposing only your curiosity. Sharon Stone was classy in her black low cut jumpsuit that just showed enough .

I felt like there was a competition between Rihanna and Miley as to who could get more attention. The only one missing was Kim Kardashian and her always exposed breasts!

The Breast Bonanza has really bored me! And I question why? After you show them once, the second time really doesn’t matter! Sunbathe in the south of France and you’ll get what I mean! Who cares!!

Personally, I am not a fan of implants except for what I label a little enhancement. The girls who opt for these huge melons on their bodies look so ridiculous and plastic. At my gym there is a whole array of these add ons because I live in Los Angeles and fake is just part of the package.

So when I look at Tom Ford dressed so dapper in his tuxedo and bow tie, I wonder if he’s smiling at his Breast Bonaza phenomena and thinking what his next challenge will be! Women will do anything for attention !





Beauty Over Fifty

imageBeauty Over Fifty is exploding! The cosmetic companies are using the older generation as examples of what beauty is as you age and how confident you should feel.

The latest cover girl for Beauty Over Fifty is the fabulous Helen Mirren for LOreal. This 69 year old icon refuses to use photoshop on her pictures to show women how to be themselves and be proud! Now this really takes courage and confidence beyond anything I’ve ever seen ! At twenty I couldn’t wait for the photos to be “retouched !” This campaign will be powerful and so emphatic because of the beautiful Helen Mirren who still looks unbelievable in a bikini!

So ladies, Beauty Over Fifty is being publicized not only by LOreal but Francois Nars using Tilda Swinton in his campaign. My favorite was the sexy Charlotte Rampling who still has it going strong. It’s great to see this recognition in the world of beauty where usually after forty you’re forgotten!

Times have changed. Products are available to help turn back time. And procedures that span injectibles to actual surgery are all there if you desire.  Let’s face it, getting old is not fun and the word itself is scary. Just knowing your mail is from AARP is difficult to comprehend. But letting go of the number, adopting the slogan ” be the best you can be”, enjoying every day for all the positive reasons will present a new you that never was. Beauty Over Fifty is all there for you to take and enjoy!

Thank you Helen Mirren for no touchups!



Ridiculous List

imageMy new Ridiculous List should really be called What Annoys Me Most!

First off it has to be the birthday gift given to Kim Kardashian by her baby North. The little girl expressed her artistic talent by drawing on a Hermes bag as her birthday present for mom. Now let’s get serious, a Hermes bag that costs thousands is given to a toddler to doodle on? When are parents responsible for teaching values to their children? How will this child ever appreciate if everything has really no price tag? And as if Kim is actually going to carry this Hermes original! But may I add, I love the art work!

I must comment on all the attention Renee Zellweiger is getting because she opted for a little work. She looks beautiful! And for all that claim she doesn’t look like Renee, I would challenge anyone to look at their photo when 25,and compare at 45! Guess what, we age! No one stays the same so if a little help makes you happy then why not!

I just read that there is a pair of vicuña socks that was designed by a German designer that will sell for 495 pounds in London! They are supposedly made to duplicate what Incan royalty wore and will only be produced as a limited edition. That’s the only smart thing about this Ridiculous List entry!

The latest waste of  blogging info that I have read is how to wear white jeans in winter! Excuse me,  but if you live anywhere there’s snow I think the answer is boots and a sweater! And why would anyone think of digging out their summer whites at this time of year? A Ridiculous List mention.

My last annoyance has to be the lists that are offered by editors, bloggers or anyone who thinks they know. How can anyone write a list on the 10 best lipsticks when there are hundreds to choose from? Or the best foundations? I can go on but you get my gist. The only lists I ever really read and get informed by is Allure magazine. They are the beauty expert in this area and  deserve the respect because of their excellent referrals. The rest are on my Ridiculous List!