Bad Comebacks

imageBad Comebacks are infiltrating the world of fashion. What I never wanted to see again is sneaking back in!

The famous lace skirt from the Material Girl days is inching it’s way back! The company Free People has a see through skirt with an added pair of shorts! I think it was better without the combo and just the skirt!

My fashion idol Pharrell Williams has been sporting not just one sweat band but two! This Bad Comeback did have virtues back in the Olivia Newton John era when it was a must for the workout outfit but now it looks a little passé!

Hopefully the sweatsuits will lay dormant even though I’ve seen signs of these comfortable sets popping up ! Those Addidas stripes were the uniform and now a perfect gift for the elderly. Somehow this Bad was so Good when you wore it that we might get used to it again !

I do not like high waisted jeans! Behati Prinsloo is bringing them back in her new denim collection. However this beauty has such great taste and style that the Bad Comeback could be something I want!

The wing eyeliner has made a stance in this years makeup looks. I’ll go for the moderate black line that has a little upward extension but what the magazines and runways are showing just doesn’t make it !

In the category of Bad Comebacks I have to include the over abundance of fringe! It’s okay as an accent but when the fringe on the bag hangs beyond your knees then it has been taken too far!

Color blocking has started to reappear or maybe it has never left! I saw the pantsuit by Gurung that would have looked much better without the legs being chopped up with blocks of color! Keep it simple ! Let the design speak for itself !

So are Bad Comebacks reappearing because there’s nothing new in the fashion world worth talking about? Personally, there are some things that should just be buried and laid to rest !










Losing Weight

imageLosing Weight always meant for me eating less and exercising more! But when there are articles suggesting maybe there are shortcuts, I definitely read !

So I was drawn into the posted article that had a very extensive list on Losing Weight! Maybe there was a hidden secret that would still allow me to indulge !

The obvious was stated ! Eat breakfast, change up your workout program, avoid starches such as white bread , potatoes, etc . So far nothing new!

Drink water! Still reading but I’m not impressed until they say eat peanut butter on wheat bread! Now that I like! It’s rich in magnesium which speeds up the metabolism! However this sounds too good to work for me so I have to say No !

Eat Bananas! However I recall reading that bananas can add to your weight and should be avoided. Another cross off the list .

This tip sounded absolutely ridiculous to me- pace while talking on the phone! Multi tasking to lose weight is not on my list !

So far my Losing Weight article has not offered anything I didn’t know. Everyone knows that alcohol will add pounds , stress can lead to weight gain, lack of sleep slow your metabolism , and skipping meals not the answer.

Could it be common sense is the secret ! Eat with portion control, avoid sugar, only selective carbs, high protein, and yes, exercise! Losing Weight is really a mind set! You can start any day, any time and if you make a mistake than start over! Don’t waste your time reading long articles when all it comes down to is one word – Discipline!! You know the rules!!





Holiday Gift Guide

imageMy Holiday Gift Guide is based on what I would like to receive ! However I’ve eliminated the ultra expensive because that would just be wishes that I would have to buy myself!

For some reason I am attracted to the tech cuff bracelet Mica by Opening Ceremony! This jewelry gadget not only is fashionably stunning but will connect you to everything and anyone! It sells for under$500 at Barney’s and I know that you will not be thrown in the forgotten drawer but remembered every day!

A favorite of mine and also a necessity is a classic pair of UGG boots. I cannot live without my UGGs and every year I replace my high tobacco ones with high tobacco ones!! Sometimes I venture to try a new style but always have to have my standby!

A great gift for any woman will be a makeup look from the artist Charlotte Tilbury. Her palette selections are all she needs to create one of the fabulous faces. Personally I love the Rocker Chic with that Kate Moss look. All this for $225!

I love football and also beanies! Shop for any team on Amazon and buy a wonderful team beanie for under $25 for any guy or girl. My little dog has his Patriot sweater! Great gifts !

Victoria Beckham just introduced a limited collection of leopard bags. Yes, some are too expensive but the small clutch caught my eye and I know it would be loved and worn with great pride!

All women love bath and beauty goodies. The company that has great product along with class is LOccitane. Shop their specials and gift baskets. In fact the promotions that come with a purchase can be used as another gift !

My Holiday  Gift Guide  could really continue because there are so many other special presents but I’ll save them for continuation! In the meanwhile, get ready for Cyber Monday!