New Things In 2015

imageNew Things In  2015 is just to say they are new! Some worth talking about, some repetitious, and others rather boring.

Blake Lively is pregnant and has let all of us love her maternity style! I love her whole look and in fact copied the high slouchy boots! Well it only makes sense that she would want to create a collection of baby clothes that would follow her taste and style! I know it will be great !

New Things in 2015 which gets a positive reaction is the engagement of Charlize to Sean Penn! I happen to think she is beyond gorgeous and special and am really so happy she and Sean are making it official. He has become one of most admired actors not only because of his talent but his endless crusade to help people around the world . This gets a smile from me !

Not so worthy but I’ll mention is that Claudia Schiffer has collaborated with the German hair product company Schwarzkopf to produce a moderately priced line that will debut at Walmart. Now I remember Claudia as the gorgeous Guess model with that blonde mane but I’m not to sure if the Walmart customer has a clue to who she is and was! But her picture and hair look beautiful on the box so it will probably sell regardless if she is remembered or not!

Katy Perry has a new food costume- a pizza! I don’t quite get her love for food get ups! She’s either a fruit something , a cake or has bananas dangling. New Things In 2015 should definitely be no more food outfits!

New Things In 2015 will be flooded with great red carpet looks, new makeup trends and  standout hair. What I would love to see disappear is the competition for who can wear the least! Enough Miley Cyrus and her pasties! I look forward to the many transformations of Byonce , Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna. But please enough of Kim Kardashian who refuses to smile because of wrinkles! Show me real interesting wholesome women with style and taste !







Your Image

imageYour Image is made up of many components. Appearance, intelligence, beliefs are just part of the picture. But how do we get rated? Somehow the components become dominated depending on who is scrutinizing !

The most admired woman is my favorite Hillary Clinton! She beat out Oprah! How did she achieve this honor? In what category was her Image calculated? Being in the spotlight is so difficult because every factor either gets praised or ridiculed ! I’m hoping she becomes my candidate for 2016!

The most ridiculous Image evaluation I just read about came from the CEO of Yahoo when looking for contributing editors to help elevate their sagging Image! Gwyneth Paltrow who has written numerous cookbooks, has a fabulous following on Goop, beyond beautiful and talented was rejected because she does not have a college degree! Excuse me, but Steve Jobs didn’t get his diploma! This CEO should examine what he was looking for and not follow his antiquated qualifications!

The wonderful thing about Your Image is that you can change it! If a celebrity who I really had no love for suddenly takes off to Haiti to help the people who lost everything , I start to see him in a different light! Sean Penn has proven himself in my eyes!

Your Image goes through stages in your life. Look back at pictures of yourself and laugh at your ridiculous hair and wardrobe! Even your priorities and actual choices will evolve and become respectful in contrast to what you did before!

It’s a New Year so let’s really look at ourselves and see how Your Image can improve! And if you’re brave enough, ask someone close to you!


Skincare Confusion

imageSkincare Confusion is really saying everything sounds so good ! Once I find my routine is wear by it! That is until I read the new debut of a revolutionary collection!

So far I have been loving my Charlotte Tilbury Skincare collection. The cleanser/mask is wonderful,  I love the moisturizer and WonderGlow as an added glow is the finishing touch ! So why am I drawn into the new advertisements ?

Francois Nars seems to do everything I like! I buy his cosmetics but never looked to him for Skincare. However in saying this I am really liking the description of his Skincare collection . NARSskin claims to “recharge your radiance!” It’s very well priced and includes the essentials that all regimes need. I usually like to keep my program exclusive with one line. If you’re looking to try something new and affordable I definitely would wander to the Nars counter.

Skincare Confusion is really because every company really offers great products! I still love Creme de la Mer but haven’t used it for years ! And I have no reasonable answer!

What I have forgotten to mention that the one product I swear by is my Hyaluronic Acid/Vitamin C serum that  goes on before anything I use ! It’s my miracle that I buy for under $20 on Amazon. So could I use any moisturizer on top of my magical serum? Does it matter if it’s drugstore price or high end department store? Another question I can’t answer ! All I know that my skin is looking great and I’m happy !

I must report on a product I wrote about that Gwyneth a Paltrow uses and loves- OroFluide hair oil! Not only does it smell heavenly but my hair loves it! No more static electricity, no frizz at all and a beautiful shine! Thank you Gwyneth !

My Skincare a Confusion is cured! It’s not the companies, it’s me! I always think I’m missing the newest and the best! That’s why it’s a billion dollar business!