Super Bowl

imageSuper Bowl nerves have set in! I am an avid Patriots fan so this game is very important to me! And I’m not even from Boston!

My dog Scrappy will be wearing his Pats sweater, my guy will have his cap and sweatshirt on and I will be wearing my cap and Patriots shirt. I’m also superstitious and my Super Bowl nerves take over if we are behind. Usually I go into another room and if we score than I know that I can’t be with my guy because we are jinxing the team!!

I love Tom Brady! But I also love Gronkowski and Julian! In fact I love the whole team! But ironically I also love as my second team the Seahawks !! Well my loyalty has to root for my Patriots and forget the weeks I wanted the Seahawks to win !

Super Bowl makes me feel very American ! I also allow myself to just think about one thing on this special day and forget about all the other trauma we face every day! I get all the good things to nibble on , naturally a lot of beer for my guy who usually starts his Super Bowl festivities around 10 in the morning!  I start watching every pre game program so by the time the game comes on I am stuffed, filled with anxiety and really exhausted !

I’m  very particular who shares the Super Bowl with us. There are definite annoying people who I don’t want to share this moment with… they are the ones who don’t like the Patriots!!

And the commercials!! The puppies have my heart! The Budweiser ads are the best!! So here’s to today and my beloved Patriots! I’ll either be smiling or very unhappy! Please Tom just make it a victory and I’ll love you forever..  I don’t think Gisele will mind!!







Cindy Crawford Cleanse Diet

imageThe Cindy Crawford Cleanse Diet is really not a cleanse but an organic balanced diet that will purify your system and result in weight loss and glowing skin!

I have tried all the fad Cleanse diets and failed at every one! I ate a cabbage soup concoction, drank a cayenne pepper and maple syrup drink, ate nothing but pineapple or watermelon and tried nothing but juicing! My results were starvation, diarrhea , constipation or canker sores! So maybe the Cindy Crawford Cleanse Diet that includes food and coffee has some merit!!

I would first criticize the naming and exclude the word Cleanse!! The system will cost you about $200 a week to get your meals and snacks delivered. But does this sound like all the others? Weight Watchers? Jenny Craig? NutriSystem?

Lets face it.. Cindy Crawford at 47 is fantastic and if this is what she’s eating why not copy her lifestyle? I’m more attracted to the meals because of the image presented. I don’t need the weight loss so in not interested in what Marie Osmond is preaching but if I could see glowing skin and change my eating habits, I am becoming more interested!

Cindy Crawford Cleanse Diet in collaboration with Urban Remedy will be a definite success! The beautiful model knows how to sell her endorsement! I bought the Meaningful Beauty Skincare and I never respond to an infomercial! My only problem is that I live with a very skinny guy who always can entice me with a great piece of pizza or my favorite burger from down the street!! I’m still thinking!!


Fill And Freeze

imageFill And Freeze was created by Dr Orden, the well known doctor from Beverly Hills! He has created a “pen” that will erase your wrinkles! No need for injections or surgery ! WRONG !

Dr. Orden got my attention with his slick commercial and sworn testimonials! This Fill And Freeze pen took him years to create but finally it’s here and you can have it with no obligation! Just a free trial and if you’re not happy just return !!

With this info I went directly to Amazon to read the reviews! Dr Orden should read his disaster results! First of all his magic pen that was to last for 30 days was a misconception ! Try 3 days and then it was empty! And your free trial was not easy to return! In fact one reviewer is still getting her Visa charged !

The other catch to this scam was that if for some reason you wanted to reorder Fill And Freeze, you needed to order the entire kit! Does the good doctor honestly think that the public will not react to his money hungry offer??

I never tried the product and after reading the negative reviews, and may I add they were all negative, I have no desire! Sure we all want that magic product that will erase aging wrinkles but at $120 you better make sure that pen is a nice hefty size!

Fill And Freeze sounds good but the reality is you are getting taken! Always read the reviews on the internet. My other peeve are the companies that I never heard if selling Hyaluronic  Acid and Vitamin C! Please order from Amazon at $16 a bottle and not the $84 monthly contract that they got you for!!