imageVersace is looking great and is profitable! The increase in 2013 went up by nearly a third! The man in charge is the CEO Gian Giacomo Ferraris.

Fall 2015 showing Versace in Milan was really a leap forward! Donatella did daytime wear and it was well received. It’s not the attire you would wear to the office but certainly could look sexy at lunch in your thigh high assymetric boots!

The theme was full of references such as @ and # and it was named #Greek!! Digital was the overall vibe! Donatello named the collection }GreekThese symbols were actually on the dresses ! I loved the cool way Versace was written on the hemlines! And Versace still stayed true to their sexy bombshell image by having big haired made up models strut the catwalk!

The strong brights were contrasted with black. Sequins were a definite with cutout accents ! There was even a Versace sweatshirt with a knee length skirt which really surprised me coming from a company that loves to show it all!

Donatella “closed the door on the archives!” She is taking the company forward under the guidance of a brilliant executive! Their sales in China are strong and the numbers prove it!

My favorite is the lower priced line created by Anthony Vaccarello! He has over 83,000 followers on Instagram! His concepts are edgy, fun and really very wearable! I am a big fan of this designer! His new collection is available to see on Instagram!

Versace will be opening more stores in the US, China and Australia! A company to watch with a bigger future!!


Anine Bing

imageAnine Bing is a gorgeous Danish model who also is the songwriter and singer in her band Kill Your Darlings! And if that’s not enough, she’s a fashion designer and has just opened her first store in the West Village of New York!

Anine Bing started her collection on the internet and developed a strong following. As for me, I never heard of the collection or visited the site ! But there was a write up about the new store so my curiosity got me into her looks! And I liked them!

Her sense of style is exactly how I dress- Rock with a cool vintage twist! She has a great collection of skinny jeans and her boyfriends looked perfect ! Price range around $200 ! The boots were exactly what I own but the sizes only go to a 41 and if I can’t try them on then I can’t buy! Wish she had a store in Los Angeles!

Her casual approach is dressing for comfort and simplicity! If you can wear a tshirt, jeans and a pair of boots and turn heads then you know how to do it!

What I really loved about Anine Bing is that she created for her own closet! If she needed a cute bra then it became part of her collection. Her West Village store looked like a complete boutique from accessories to lingerie all included!

Anine Bing will be someone I will start dropping in on! Because I live in Los Angeles I’m not missing any fashion but her sense of style and the looks she creates puts it all together for you ! Visit Anine Bing!

Prada Stunner

imagePrada Stunner is the only description I can title the fall 2015 show in Milan! With sagging sales I don’t think this strange collection is the answer!

I have always looked to Prada as the trend setter,  excellent shoes, and whimsical but wearable fashion! In fact I still have some great Prada in my closet that has stood the passing of time and I still wear it! But this weird collection just left me in awe!

First of all the theme of bringing the sixties into the future just didn’t work! Her color combinations weren’t just bold , they were ugly! Chartreuse with hunter green and bubble gum pink were beyond over the top! And high opera gloves as the Grace Kelly accessory totally said  No to me! What was she thinking?

I accept all hemlines but there is one that says nothing to me and that’s the one that hits just above the knee! Unattractive and passé! There was a good Mary Jane shoe but most of the others were really not appealing. And those flower clips in the hair did not add the finishing touch, they just said I’m finished! Where was Prada going in this bizarre collection?

The articles reporting on the Prada Stunner described the Fall 2015 as girly and princess influenced. Maybe I’m missing something but I just found it out there with no place to go!

Sorry I didn’t find this to be Heightened Femininity! What woman would want to wear this? Prada Stunner !!