Beware Of Ads

Beware Of Ads that get you to buy! They are all over the internet!

I just read a very convincing testimonial on the best sunless tanner called Physics Tan! Well it had me convinced because not only was it endorsed by the Mayo Clinic but the reviews were all unbelievable! Well, it was unbelievable because in fine print I read it was an ad posted by the company to get you to buy a kit for over $100! Now maybe the product has merit but another user said not to buy this sunless tanner that is not the best sand for $6 Banana Boat will give you the best color! Beware Of Ads !!

My Facebook is filled with the 2 things you need for perfect skin- Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C! Their ads are filled with celebrities and for the shipping of. $4.95 you too can have the miracle face lift! Read the print! What you have signed up for is a program that will cost you over $80 a month! And may I add the company keeps changing their name! Order from Amazon the best skin serum by Oz for $16! And it’s Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C !

Beware of Ads when it comes to weight loss! Everyday Garcinia Cambodia appears on my Facebook with a new company name! Sometimes they pair the pills with green coffee, mango cleanse or some other strange named supplement. Read the fine print because they too can sign you up for just the shipping! Again I say shop Amazon and read the reviews!!

I wish that false reviews that are posted from paid reviewers would be rejected. Just Beware Of Ads if all you see are all five stairs!! And these companies with PO addresses with new product names for the same thing are red flags !! Don’t order because it’s almost impossible to return or say you want to cancel!! Be smart, Beware Of Ads!!


Best Sellers

imageThe Best Sellers is a makeup list compiled by Vogue. I felt pretty good knowing I own most of the products! And most likely I will buy what I don’t have just to feel really ” in”!

Did you know that Maybelline sells their Baby  Balm every fifteen seconds? I must replenish !

And Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is a staple on this prestigious Best Sellers list! I grew up on this tube and used it for everything! Another item I don’t have !

But Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer goes on my face every day so I’m proud of my choice ! I picked a winner!

Mac lipstick in Ruby Woo is on the Best Seller list. I never wear red lipstick so I guess I’m out on this one!

The liquid black eyeliner by Le Métier made it ! Mine is somewhere at the bottom of my black box but at least I have it! In fact I really loved it but I keep replacing … maybe I’ll retrieve !

Mascara is usually a cheap Maybelline or an expensive one that I got talked into. But now that I know Cover Girl in Last Blast made the Best Sellers list I’m  definitely buying one!

I’m not one for eyebrows because of my long bangs but was happy to read that Kevin Aucoin brow pencil was included. I loved this talented artist !

Now for concealer the winner was Cle De Peau for $70!! And yes I own one but that too landed in my box for reasons I can’t remember!

I am very excited to know I have the best bronzer , Guerlain Terracotta. Maybe I should try wearing it!

Rimmel kohl black eye pencil was included and it only cost $4!! This will be a must. Don’t need the eyelash curler by Shu Uemera so I’ll save some money!

I love these Best Sellers lists !! It’s like finding out if you picked a winner!!



Good Tips

imageGood Tips are always a must for me! Most of my best beauty products come from what I have read about!

Khloe Kardashian just gave me a Good Tip! There are many neck creams on the market and I have practically tried most. The neck is a very complicated delicate area that besides the hands , are the tell all of aging! Well, the Good Tip really comes from her sister Kourtney and it’s a product used during pregnancy to tighten the skin so stretch marks will not appear. It’s by Mama Mio called Boob Tube! I just sent away for it on Amazon!! I’m excited to use it on my neck! Khloe swears by it !

Now to the weight loss subject. The Good Tip is supposed to be the miracle Garcinia Cambodia. Truthfully, I take them every day and I don’t know why! I just do!! But now I read that I need the mango cleanse!! What I think I really need is to throw the Oreos out!!

I do not like foundation and was just using a tinted moisturizer. But realistically a little more coverage around the nose area and under the eyes could be what I need. I discovered Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation on the recommendation of my sales person in Nordstrom and I love it!! No more concealer needed !! And the color selection is fabulous! My skin looks flawless!

Dont ignore the Power Plate machines at your gym! For those with bad knees, this apparatus will allow you to do squats and lunges with no pain. Also planks will accelerate results. A Goid Tip from me!

My last Good Tip for the day is try Charlotte a Tilbury  Clay Mask! In fact, shop her entire line. I love it all and her different images make it so easy for you !