Affordable Skincare

imageAffordable Skincare is a new discovery for me! I always thought the more expensive, the better the product! I was so wrong!

Cleansing the face is made up of exfoliating and washing. When I travel I buy the travel size of what I find on the market. Well much to my surprise I have fallen in love with St Ives Apricot Scrub! My little tube cost $1.69 and really goes a long way! And for the face wash I bought a tube for $.99 and it works! Why spend more??

I am addicted to my Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C. The best is from Oz that I buy on Amazon for .$16.00! The serum is not runny and you will see the difference!

Affordable Skincare is also in the night cream that I tried from Oz and it’s great! I don’t need to spend almost $200!!

Olive Oil is my new favorite! I sent away for a product called Best Of Nature that cost about $10 and you really get a nice size dispenser. I use a dab on my long hair and massage into my skin for hydration . I even used it on my face and neck and all I can it rely makes you fe moisturized!! Olive Oil is my new love!

Summer is coming and I am a fake tan junkie! I own them all and up until now haven’t found any that in in love with! I almost bought a new expensive one until I read the reviews( always read the reviews! Well in one of the nasty reviews the person raved about Banana Boat Summer Tan that claimed to be better than my St Tropez that costs about $50!! This tube cost me $10!! But I just read Walgreens has it for $6.00!! It hasn’t arrived yet but I know it’s going to be love!! This is definitely Affordable Skincare!

Yes, I’m converted and will save good money to buy those $200 jeans!!


Beautiful People News

imageBeautiful People News always gets my interest. I stand in the longest line at the market so I can read what most of the time isn’t true!

Jared Leto looks terrific! The cropped blonde hair really shows off his chiseled features and for the new role he has really buffed up! A complete new image that I’m really liking!

Gisele posed nude for Brazilian Vogue. The photos were very tasteful and showed her in the most natural way that really was not sexual in any way. However in one photo she is wearing long red workout pants and kicks her leg so high that I paid no attention to her bare chest! She is beyond fit!

Naomi Campbell is getting her own reality show! I happen to be a fan of this gorgeous icon and after seeing her on Empire I will definitely tune in!

So I ask, is Jennifer Aniston pregnant? Is the wedding off? That’s what I read this morning! She is one if my favorites so I’m hoping she is pregnant and I’m not too crazy about him so for today I’n believing my tabloids!

On the same couple news I have no idea about George and Amal! Are they happy and planning a family or headed for a divorce? Complete confusion!!

Beautiful People News always makes the headlines. For me , my Beautiful People this week has to be Bruce Jenner! I only hope his journey is as beautiful as the person he is!

New Things

imageNew Things always get me excited! And every day I discover New Things!

A company out of Boston has my kind of workout clothes! The name is Tracksmith and they capture the feeling of old school to meet your running needs it was created by Matt Taylor, former head of Puma and track star at Yale. He longed for that old collegiate look that was not in the market anymore! . My favorite is the grayboy tank that has the perfect cool cut. The women’s collection has just been launched and I love it! I may even go back to wearing tube socks!! So far I think you have to order online only.

Now this New Thing is not going to be on my list but in a strange way I like it! The DIY Emoji Purse!! I can see every kid wanting one and even wearing it to the gym to hold your keys! If you’re a DIY person this could be a great Xmas project for you!!

I’m attracted to the New Thing for Nars cosmetics. The compact holds my favorite Laguna with a great pink blush, contour and all over powder. The colors are so appealing that for $58 It may have to be bought!

Anything that’s New Thing in diet always gets my attention! And of it satisfies that nagging sweet tooth then I read on! The company Go Raw hass Banana Bread Bar for $1.19 that sounds like the perfect snack around 4 o’clock when I am dying for my sugar lift!! Can’t wait to stock up!

New Things always have that question” why haven’t heard of you?” But I guess that’s what makes them New!!