Cooking Shows

imageCooking Shows are my new addiction! I love them! However I’m always dieting, avoid my favorite sweets and have to say no to my love, pizza!

So why do I love the Cooking Shows? Chopped is my favorite because what these chefs do with the stuff in their insane baskets is unbelievable! They prepare food so it becomes delectable art! Let’s face it, I don’t have the patience, could never create a masterpiece in 20 minutes and when I’m hungry I want it now! My diet is really boring but that’s the only way I can resist food!! I love to eat!

My newest Cooking Shows that have me mesmerized is what people can create making donuts! I would be happy with a plain glazed but these bakers are possessed! And how can I omit the Cupcake Wars! This is serious competition! The irony is that I really don’t crave while watching! Maybe mentally I’m actually digesting while watching!

But now to my favorite, the pizza guys! These two cousins invade every pizza joint and show you how it’s done! At the same time they also eat the delicous slices! They’re not too skinny to say the least!

But let’s go on! Can anyone beat Bobby Flay! I would stay married to him just to have him whip up my daily consumption! This man makes a grilled cheese sandwich that could definitely make me happy!

So Cooking Shows are definitely in! But what about our diets that tell us no to sugar and anything with white flour?? Yes there are chefs who prepare only what I tag as healthy but I don’t watch them.  I want  to watch the pastry chefs create magic and compete in bake offs! I still haven’ t figured out why I torture myself! Cooking Shows are the best!!

Beauty News

imageBeauty News update on what’s new this week! Or maybe what’s new to me!

This headline just had me saying What?? Can you believe that granny panties are in and Spanx out? First of all who is the customer? My thong hotties are going to now wear granny panties? Reminds me of Bridget Jones in her famous make out scene! This is Beauty News that really needs more validation! I want to know who!!

Poor eyebrows are now getting dyed in bold colors! Kaley Cuoco just made her brows pink to match her hair! But she’s so cute anything looks good. However I just saw a photo of vivid purple that had to go!!

Still on brows in Beauty News Kat Von D has created a brow pencil that imitates a tattoo pen so you can draw your own brow hairs with precision. This product actually sounds good.

An article was written about wearing red! The color represents anger and aggressiveness so never wear to a job interview! So I ask does the color red pertain to lipstick too? Does Taylor Swift show any of these signs when wearing her famous red lips? I don’t think so!

Beauty News is showing that the lib which became the Bob has now become the fringed ends cut. The updated version is really very sexy casual and let’s the hair color be what ever you prefer. I’m loving Sienna Miller and Jessica Alba in their cuts. From my own experience this style doesn’t always work on thick naturally wavy  hair like mine. It’s not as easy to maintain as the stylists are claiming!! Hair must be able to just tousle and not stick out where ever it wants to!

Beauty News changes by the day! Could it be that we are all bored!!


Versa Tan

imageIt’s summer and that means No More Makeup! Well, I think I mean just a little!! Versa Tan for me!

Just came back from the spray tan booth at Spray La Vie in Los Angeles that uses Versa Tan.  I love these booths because they are so fast and actually give you a golden brown tan that’s not orange!! I have tried doing it myself with every product  available and always make a mess! This is so affordable and does not dry my skin!! The deals are great and for about $50 a month you go as often as you want!

The best part is my face! I do the number 2 formula Versa Tan and I don’t need a thing on my face! However as the days go by and I exfoliate, wash and do my other procedures I become pale again before the body! The answer is this terrific spray that is the same solution as the machine! I am set for summer!!

Because I have this beautiful tan I can get away with just lip balm, mascara and if I want a little brightness I add a dab of blush! I don’t need concealer, foundation or any of my bronzers!!

My tanning salon offers Red Light Therapy which I think I will try. You have to be committed for at least 12 treatments to see any results but from what I’ve read it will help the skin regenerate, not expensive, and fast! So why not!! I never say no to anything that can improve my skin!

I call this affordable sunless summer beauty! In just minutes it makes me look good and feel good! Check it out!! Versa Tan!!