Funny Things

imageFunny Things are usually what I thought ridiculous but somehow got turned around!

I wrote about crocs being the shoes to bury! Well how wrong could I be! Adorable Prince George was photographed wearing a pair and they sold out in a week! In fact they made so much money that they put on a runway show! Funny Things are sonmetimes the craziest!

We all know kids can get embarrassed by their parents but I never thought the daughter of the gorgeous Kate Moss would ever feel this way ! I’m sure there are a lot of kids out there who would trade in a minute!

Somehow Dolce and Gabana are involved in politics. They are planning an ad campaign targeted for traditional families. Definitely Funny Things coming from these two!

Rick Owens punched a male model for carrying a sign he objected to. I don’t find this a Funny Thing but an expected reaction from the designer who focused on the penis for his last fashion collection!

Funny Things may be described as”what were they thinking” in the world of fashion. I’m usually not surprised or taken by anything the Kardashians do or wear, ignore the ridiculous by the ones who seek the spotlight, and skip the so called trends that I know the consumer will ignore. But when I saw a baseball style computer  jacket designed by Apple that actually sold on Ebay for $3500, I had to say this is really a Funny Thing because who would wear this terrible thing? And who would want it??

Maybe I named this wrong! Funny was a poor choice!


Fashion News

imageFashion News is really to say this all amounts to nothing! I can’t believe what gets recognized!

First of all the Kanye Yeezy Boost is going for thousands on EBay! Did you see these glitzy things? They border on being ostentatious , over the top, but maybe cool!! I have no opinion but they are not worth thousands! However may I add that I like the high tops but these low ones deserve to be sold on EBay!

Now for the Fashion News in wearing sheer! Maybe a little but seeing Lindsay Lohan in this black creation she looked like she was wearing a bra and panties with this terrible sheer creation over it! And Kylie Jenner borrowed sister Kim’s white outfit to wear in Cannes. I just don’t like it!

But off the subject and remarking on Caitlyn Jenner at NY Gay Pride. She looked beautiful! I think the family could take some makeup hints from her natural and glowing look!

I’m all for great menswear but when the journalists and bloggers are raving about the great feminine look being delivered from Gucci I have to say No! Sure it’s fun runway but what influence is it going to have in retail? I keep going back and try to see anything but all I get is a theatrical show! The Guardian stated” It’s a breath of fresh air to see men treated as women!” Do you agree?

Fashion News leads me to this bit of trivia. Rihanna went to a club and came home with a dog! Apparantly she found it in the restroom and rescued the pup! Now that is something I would do! She just sparkles in every way and may I add she looked spectacular in the gold Armani tuxedo! The next time notice her perfect feet in the sexiest scrappy heels! Perfection!

Thats it for Fashion News except Jennifer Lawrence looked so fabulous in her Michael Kors black midriff top with slit pencil skirt for afternoon Streetwear in New York! I want it but where am I going??

Shop Net A Porter

Shop Net A Porter! Visit their site and get get lost in their sale items!

I was bored so decided to visit Net A Porter and checked into their sale items! What a glorious surprise! Fabulous merchandise, incredible prices and great availability!

First was the lingerie! The discounts started at 50% and what they had was fabulous! Dolce and Gabana, Stella McCartney, Agent Provocateur at prices you wouldn’t believe! I just had to buy a Heidi Klum bra that was $95 for $19!! And Net A Porter doesn’t charge shipping! The lingerie still has me shopping!

Jewelry is a department that I sometimes visit but shy away from because if it’s not real I usually won’t wear it! Well I quickly changed my mind when I saw the Jennifer Fisher necklaces for under$50! Who cares if it’s not real! These prices are 85% off of the retail!

Clothing is a whole different experience ! The designers and their items are all at least 50% off so shopping can be for that wonderful piece that was just too expensive! I did see a bikini by Solid and Striped from $176 to $53! Now that’s a bargain I can’t resist! But just found one by Provacateur for $45 that was $150! The Alexander Wang  sweater I resisted that was $650 is now $150! I think I’m in serious trouble but I must go on! My list is growing!

Now on  to shoes! The only thing that saves me in this category is my size 11 plus feet! However in summer everything is open so many are more forgiving! Okay I must stop!! I’m skipping handbags because I have enough!

Shop Net A Porter Sale! Their clearance is filled with beautiful fashion at affordable prices! Now I must edit my purchases and rationalize why I must have!