Gisele Wore A Burqa

imageGisele Wore A Burqa was the headline in France!

Now you ask the simple question why would Gisele Wear A Burqa when she’s not a Muslim?? The answer is so logical! She was going to visit her plastic surgeon! She probably would have succeeded in her disguise if it wasn’t for the open toed sandals! Muslim women don’t show their toes!! And one other minor detail is that France has banned wearing Burqas in public since 2010!

The whole disguise made me laugh! Who cares if you need a little work done! In fact, I think it makes this gorgeous super model real! Even Gisele has to fight gravity!

The rumor is that she had work done on her breasts and eyes. I get the eyes because of all that sun but those perfect breasts surprised me!! I hope it’s not an augmentation to make them bigger!! Supposedly the entire tab was $11,000. After the surgery she went to a hideaway for recuperation.

I really think that Gisele Wore A Burqa had more to do with the Patriots scandal involving her husband. They both didn’t need publicity and she certainly wasn’t up for any questions on her way to the plastic surgeon! But it all backfired because of the little slip up of toes! So not only was Tom on every news channel but Gisele made the front pages of newspapers all disguised in her  Burqa! But now that she knows about the shoes she has a good outfit to go home in!

Caitlyn Jenner Has Style

Caitlyn Jenner Has Style! And not because of having a stylist! She knows what she likes!

Caitlyn Jenner can teach many women who imagehave been trying to discover their style how to do it! Sure she has an entourage of professionals around her for guidance and suggestions but Caitlyn knows what she likes and what her comfort zone is!

I loved the black leather pants and boots! Her height, figure and long hair completed the sexy edgy look! So simple but so strong!

And we must mention the fabulous white gown by Versace that she wore on the Espy award show. It was perfection on her and this was the first time she had to present herself in front of an audience who you knew would be judging every detail!

I also am loving the sling backs and being another  big footed woman I know our feet need comfort. After seeing her in shoes I forgot about, I think it may be a pair of sling backs for me too!

Caitlyn Jenner Has Style down to every detail! I love her choice of outfits to fit the occasion. The wrap dresses are perfect! And the pencil skirt for a business meeting was so appropriate. The mix is definitely the classic pieces with her own extra touches. However I am glad those dreadful extensions were removed from her hair! Just remember Caitlyn , don’t be persuaded!

I wouldn’t put it past her to actually design a line of clothes for the transgender woman! Not everyone is as fortunate as Caitlyn to have stylists and shoppers to get her ready!  And maybe add some comfortable cool shoes in big sizes!! I’m loving the whole look!

I Love Balmain

imageI Love Balmain! What I’m really saying is that I Love Olivier Rousteing!

What a fabulous designer! I anxiously await his collaboration with H&M in November. Hopefully it won’t sell out in an hour! Olivier Rousteing is my favorite and his designs are what I would love to own but the price tags say otherwise! That’s why I’m so excited about the H&M collection!

I am praying he does a jacket with his military influence! And also a wide shouldered one with encrusted jewels! I love his skinny destroyed jeans but a nice pair of Rousteing trousers would really be cool!

Next on my wish list has to be one of his sculptured mini dresses! Everytime I saw a celeb on the red carpet wearing a Balmain I yearned for it! How lucky to be skin Kardashian and get first choice!

I Love Balmain so much that I would even divert from my black everything wardrobe for a hit of his great jewel tones and his wonderful color !combinations! Just having a similar wrap top like his emerald green kimona would really make a statement in my boring closet!

Olivier Rousteing has that stamp of individuality on every piece he designs! No one knows what the H&M collection will consist of but the hopes are that the pieces will stay true to the Balmain look. Fashion should be available to the masses and by having a retail giant collaborate with a true haute designer is the dream come true for both the stores and the consumer. My past shopping experiences with H&M when they broke with Alexander Wang was a sellout befor I could see it purchase anything! Maybe a little supply and demand could be taken into account with the Balmain collection!!