VMA Awards

imageI know what you’re thinking, another thing to read about the VMA Awards!

Im not going to write about the Kardashians and that the big surprise was Kylie’s bangs! Or Kim looking like she really is eating for two, or even Kanye who wants to run for president! However, in the explosion of Donald Trump, why not!!

Where do I begin with Miley! Do I talk about the hair that’s causing a stir with racial divides. Or do I comment on her 10 changes that I found ridiculous, boring and so contrived! Is all she has going for her a set of small nipples that somehow always get exposed! So boring!

The surprise was Justin Bieber  who is getting a new minimalistic makeover. Somehow his team thinks that this will show his talent so he need not sport the hunk look. For me the baseball cap and oversize T was just too minimal! He is too good looking to copy everyone else!

And then there was Taylor Swift who was wearing a crop top pant outfit that I just didn’ t like! It did zero for her body and really showed off nothing except a little middle skin!

Was it staged between Miley and Nicki? I don’t know and I don’t care! How long are they going to carry out this pretend feud? Boring!

The VMA Awards are really a celebrity fashion event mixed in with some music. I do enjoy watching because you know each getup is going to have to outdo the previous. Surprisingly I really liked how Kourtney Kardahian looked! I applaud her jumpsuit and her total look! As for brother in law Kanye,  I guess he was just too busy to change!

Beauty and Politics

imageBecause I’m a Beauty Blogger and a Political Junkie I decided to combine the two and got Beauty And Politics!

Now does Beauty really matter when selecting a candidate? Trust me,  JFK was a sure winner with the ladies against the much scornful sneering face of Nixon! But we all know that Nixon did become President in spite of his sweating and sneaky look!

As a devoted Democrat and a woman you probably know who my support goes to this time around. But looking at Bernie Sanders I see as far as Beauty And Politics are concerned a very unattractive man! However it’s not hurting his surprising rising in the polls and truthfully I think someone has gotten hold of him because his hair is much better and even the suits don’t look so rumpled! I will miss Obama and his adorable smile! Seeing him always made me happy!

The Republican side has their Beauty misfits! Donald Trump and the hair hasn’t hurt his campaign even though I can’t stand looking at his puckered up lips! The rest of the slate is dull in comparison! Sure Marco Rubio is young  and fairly nice looking but no real charisma. Maybe the problem with all of them is that they look like politicians while Trump, hair and all, has that celebrity swagger. Beauty And Politics, while we don’t recognize it, does influence our choices. Do we like looking at this person who will be our leader for four years?

I always loved Bill Clinton! He had a great appearance, cool ambience, and a terrific stage presence. I felt confident and proud and truthfully did not judge him on his unfaithfulness! Hypocritical? Probably yes , but I still liked him!

Now there was Bush! He had no visual appeal  and he totally annoyed me , not because I didn’t vote for him but because I didn’t like his face! But I did like Ronald Reagan!! Handsome, definitely yes! Beauty And Politics were at their best!!

Wow, I am so superficial but at least honest!

How To Be Organized

imageI just read an article on How To Be Organized and I actually to do these rituals!

My first morning habit is to always make my bed! In fact I do it while my moisturizer is setting in. Now this can be difficult if you share the bed with someone else and you get up at 6:00 like I do! In this case get the schedule and be ready to pounce!

I always know where my keys are because they have to be placed on the same table every time I come in! Obsessive yes but very helpful!

When I take off my clothes they immediately get put away or in the laundry and if I live with a so called slob I become the personal valet! Why argue! You can’t change someone and preach How To Be Organized! Just make life easy and do it yourself!

I am obsessed with dirty dishes in the sink! Can’t stand looking at them and hate those sink drain boards that hold the dishes! I wash and dry immediately!

Every day I have a new list! And what didn’t happen yesterday gets carried over! Yes I have an iPhone but that doesn’t make it visual in in my face so I actually write my list in a notebook on my desk! So far I follow every ritual in the article!

But here’s where I missed! I do not empty my bag every night! I found this to be ridiculous! However, I do take all my receipts that I collected and put them on my desk in their special box.

Because my wardrobe and makeup are in what I call the uniform mode I don’t need to think what I’m wearing the next day or what goes on my face! It’s the same look with fresh clean items and new makeup application with the same products!

So I How To Be Organized is not difficult but for some impossible! Probably because they are not compulsive!