Ralph Steps Down

imageRalph Steps Down from being CEO of Ralph Lauren after 50 years!

Its time to turn it over and that’s what Ralph Lauren did when he appointed Stefan Larsonn as the chief executive. Larsonn is the genius who turned the so called budget arm Old Navy into doing 6 billion last year! That was the total of the Gap and Banana Republic put together! Stefan also has to his credit 15 years with H&M! This Swede knows what he’s doing!

Ralph Lauren’s empire fell 44% last year and bringing in someone like Larsonn could be just what the lagging company needs. I am a Ralph Lauren fan and have worn his clothes for years. To me, he can do no wrong! But maybe that’s what happened! As sales were slipping there was no body to revamp because only one person ruled! Ralph Steps Down is because the time is right. He will be 76 and the time to closely look at reality. Sure, his influence in design, image and marketing will always remain but for setting the pace and steering this mighty ship, it will be Larsonn.

But I wonder what the changes will bring. Could Armani leave his baby and just turn it over? Prada is Miuccia! And Cavalli would never be the same without its creator. Giving up the power to make the crucial decisions of what the vision is going to be is really difficult. Can a powerful icon such as Ralph Lauren really hand it over? Everything about his company is him! Sure he has lost business because of many factors but does that mean the designer/ creator bends to meet the new demands? And how much of the brand gets reconstructed that we don’t recognize any more? I know Ralph Steps Down, I just hope he won’t step aside!!

I Love Gigi Hadid

imageI Love Gigi Hadid! Not only is she beautiful but she is honest and true!

Gigi Hadid has been getting negative comments about her body if you can believe. Yes, she has boobs, thighs and curves that are not typical of the sticks you see on the runways! But in her defense,she fits into the model sample sizes and looks fantastic ! In fact she outshines them all when she struts her stuff!

What I Love about Gigi Hadid is her beauty shows that healthy glow that is so void from so many of the cut- out too thin models agencies are hiring. This girl reminds me of the gorgeous Christy Brinkley who was the epitome of the California supermodel!

Believe me, Gigi Hadid has no competition! Her face embraces strong ad campaigns and her Instagram is abundant! There will always be those who have to criticize and voice their opinions. But it takes a strong girl to stand up and say who she is!

The world of modeling has expanded so much since my days on the runway. There is individuality that is accepted. We are seeing more black models and even Transgender. Plus size models are being recognized as beautiful along with with a Down Syndrome model who was accepted and applauded. The public can be mean by posting negative comments that are hurtful and really meaningless! I’m so proud the beautiful Gigi Hadid stood up to these resentful ,and we know, jealous criticisms!

Yes, I Love Gigi Hadid and follow her career. She lights up every Instagram, is so natural in her candid shots and just adorable! Ignore these pathetic few who have nothing better to do in their lives! And by the way, your Guess campaign is fabulous!!



Versace Ruled

imageVersace Ruled in Milan at Fashion Week!

My first impression when viewing what Donatella created was questionnable! A multitude of camouflage that got diffused with neon to create a headache of bold prints! But as I continued to study the individual designs I started to get the impact and the influence on Spring 2016!

The one shoulder body clinging dresses will be the ticket for celebrities to show off in! And the neon studded prints are the strongest statement I saw! This will definitely be part of the knock off ready to wear before this collection actually hits the stores!

Donatella really stepped it up and put on the biggest extravaganza yet! From what I read, the models were loving the collection! What I loved was the stamp of excitement and not the same old safe renditions.

Study the pieces and see how trend setting Versace Spring 2016 will be! Sure there were great solid khaki, olive and black designs that had strong appeal for me but surprisingly for the person who hates prints , I was drawn to the skimpiest slip dress in this acid neon  and loved the camouflage loose open jacket with matching pajama style pants! It just said something that was fresh, new and exciting! I can see Rihanna in all of this!

The press is praising Gucci which I found very undesirable and lacking all sex appeal. But Donatella gave me that spark which I remember and admired. Yes, Versace Ruled!!