Rumor Or Truth

imageRumor Or Truth is the question! I for one seem to always want to believe the Rumor!

Well what is the real story behind Amal and George! I just saw them at his premier and they were all kissy and sugary sweet. But the clincher was with the two of them and the Bassett they just adopted. So wouldn’t you think all was just utopia? Wrong! A new article said Amal just filed for divorce! Rumor Or Truth?? I have no idea but I hate to see the dogs come from a divorced couple!

Now I’m confused about Madonna and Sean. Because I’m such a romantic I want them back together! I also just read that Sean has always been Madonna’s love and has never gotten over him! Now this reunion would really make headlines!

Halle Berry and Olivier are definitely Truth about their breakup! But what a mess since he has the French citizenship so who knows what will happen here!

JLo and Casper I know are the Truth but somehow when I read about secret meetings with Ben, I was secretly wanting a little something! My only reason was that I liked them together! Oh so shallow to think like that!!

Rumor Or Truth when it comes to Khloe! I know she rushed to his side but who wants to see him hurt her again when she’s feeling so good about herself! My advice is nurse him back until you feel not guilty then leave!

Rumor Or Truth changes everyday! But maybe that’s why we keep reading gossip!

Beauty In Politics

Beauty In Politics becomes apparent when you watch the debates. Ian a Democrat but still watched the Republican excuse for a debate! My review is purely what their faces told me!

First of all I must comment on Donald Trump. Am I the only one who stares at his pursed lips while he is ranting? Is he sucking on lemons, imitating a fish or just puckering up?

Carly Fiorini has a face that turns me off! She just doesn’t look nice and caring. I also stare at her makeup and try to correct what I think is wrong!

Beauty In Politics has to attack Ted Cruz! The man just looks angry! And he preaches like we are his congregation! Skinny lips don’t appeal to me!

Jeb Bush happens to look like a politician and has a pleasant demeanor. However it’s all wrong for the cut throat stage!

Marco Rubio reminds me of a young college guy who is on the debating team. His face looks pleasant but not presidential to me!

And now for Ben Carson! All I can say is that I like him better as a doctor!

Surprisingly I think Chris Christi has an appealing face! And since he lost a little weight I don’t get diverted when he speaks.

Rand Paul could be called cute but certainly not polished. Someone should just clean him up a little!

So do we ¬†choose our favorites by Beauty? We all know we shouldn’t but subconsciously we do! Poor Nixon had to put up with Kennedy!! And he certainly was good to look at!!

In closing I have to add that my Hillary looks great!!


Designers In Question

imageDesigners In Question probably means that I just don’t get you!

I used to buy and love Alexander McQueen. In fact I still cherish my shearling jacket and black tuxedo suit. Clothes were wearable with an exciting twist. Now when I look at he collections all I see are costumes! We all know McQueen is not with us anymore but I don’t think his image has lived on either!

I keep posting about Gucci because I can’t believe what my eyes see and what the bloggers/journalists write! Please tell someone to get rid of those dreadful flower bags and forget the ruffles! I used to always shop the shoes because they made them for my size 11 but even these designs say nothing! Designers In Question is definitely Gucci!

Times have changed and naturally fashion has evolved. But when I think of my favorite Balenciaga I don’t get that rush! I will never get rid of my weekend bags, love my two motorcycle jackets forever but have not really shopped the collection in seasons past. Could it be that the designer associated is no longer there?

So who still has the consistency? I say Chanel, Stella McCartney, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein. The dollar amounts in sales may not show it but these designers stay true to their brand. I love that their collections are identifiable and keep the image alive! They don’t follow anyone but themselves! And may I add that they are their brand! Their ¬†labels can never be passed on to anyone else!!