Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Sold Out

imageKylie Jenner Lip KitcSold Out in two minutes!

I am a fan of nude pink lipstick! In fact that’s all I ever weakest! You’ll never see red , wine, coral etc on my lips, only the beige nude pink! Well Kylie Jenner nailed it in her Lip Kit that included the matte gloss color and liner. My selection for $29 was in Candy. The sale would start at 9:00 AM and I was ready!

It never entered my mind that at 9:02 my order would say Sold Out! How could that be? Okay I’ll try the other nude in Dolce! Sold Out! Sure I was disappointed but also in disbelief!

Let me first say that her color selection was right on! She showed the colors so clearly on her arm so that the consumer could genuinely see the differences. And the price at $29 was terrific! But the best sales tool was Kylie modeling the 3 different kits! Everything was done to perfection so no wonder it sold out! And may I add that the hype on Instagram with all the nervous countdown time didn’t help the product I wanted to be no more!!

Yes, this was a combination of the celebrity with the perfect nude lips, a great product development and an affordable price! The limited collection supply was also very smart! Produce in small amounts and your public will be left with more desire than before! I for one want my Candy Kit!! I can’t let this escape! I can imagine what EBay must be selling them for!!

PS EBay $145!!

Who Pays Full Price

Who Pays Full Price anymore? Probably no one!

This last week my poor iPhone has become the shopping Mecca of sales! And my emails are persistent! I just received a funny one from Neiman Marcus that said “oops” they were going to extend Black Friday! And the Gap is practically giving me the merchandise!

But all of this hype has done the reverse on me. I’m not excited! Somehow I just assume everything will be on sale so why rush! Who Pays Full Price is the dinosaur of yesterday! But what really amazes me are the markdowns before the season even gets underway!! No wonder designer brands are struggling.

There was something decadent when I would take my rent money and splurge on that fabulous bag or suit or something so ridiculous that I couldn’t live without! I used to love flying to.New York the day after Xmas to literally camp out at Bergdorf Goodmans! But all that is gone because now everything is on line so why freeze when Los Angeles is 80!! What has happened to the quest, the bargain , the thrill?? The big sales have given way to every day markdowns!

Who Pays Full Price is only for my must haves! My size 11 feet knows that if they feel good you buy them because they won’t be there! And if I love the sunglasses I don’t care about the price! I also Pay Full Price always at Nike! My jeans are another Full Price purchase unless I get lucky! And let’s not even discuss cosmetics that are essentials for my existence!

So I guess I do Pay Full Price but I don’t consider these items shopping! I just count them into my budget as part of my necessary basics! Maybe I should reevaluate???

How To Stay Young

imageHow To Stay Young has to be divided into two categories; The Body and the The Mind!

Jane Fonda was just interviewed and when asked this question she replied ” good genes and money!”

Lets discuss the Body first and that includes the face! Sure good nutrition, exercise are necessary components. But when the face starts to sag, the chins become multiples and your eyelids have hoods there are some serious matters to consider. I know all about face exercises, ice water dunkings and crazy masks but what really works is spending some money to get rid of the turkey neck, liposuction for those chins and a simple eyelift! And while you’re at it add some Botox, Juviderm, and Laser! Jane was so right when she said “Money!”

I just wrote about Marisa Berenson who claims she has done nothing but if you add up her monthly “natural” procedures you too could look great! How To Stay Young in this department comes with a price!

Now to the core of your youthful appearance and that’s the energy you emanate. It’s how you actually feel! Ask yourself that question . A young spirit, a zest for life, appreciation of everything you are blessed with is the ticket! Get rid of the negativity, don’t be afraid, embrace all that you love and that includes the smallest insignificant things that make you smile! Live in the moment and don’t look backwards. The greatest gift is your health and who you are! How To Stay Young is really loving yourself and saying thank you for every day you are here!!