Forget The Resolutions

Forget The Resolutions! They’re never going to last!

Each New Year brings out the list that will make you perfect! Well we hope so in any way possible! The demands can be be simple or so improbable that you know you’re doomed before you even finish the thought! So what should be the answer???

The most popular is always diet. I can lose those extra pounds, eat healthy and substitute my sugar cravings for kale! Oh right!! Offer me a dessert and I won’t say No! And how long will I actually stick to this so healthy it’s sickening diet?? Forget The Resolutions and give yourself something you can live with for the New Year! A cheat day!! The perfect Resolution!

The second on my list has to be exercise! Yes, I will work out at least 5 days a week! Why do I really have to change from my 3-4 day a week schedule? Trust me that extra day isn’t going to make me perfect and I know I’ll resent it!

Now to the hard part. For 2016 I will watch my spending! No more impulsive unnecessary purchases, just what I need! This Resolution is laughable because I know I’ll never change! If I see it, want it, I have to have it! Forget that Resolution!

Thankfully I don’t smoke, drink or indulge in any substances so I can skip this category!

But now the relationships! I am going to definitely keep this one! No losers, no users, no liars, no phonies, no cheaters, no alcoholics, no smokers, etc. etc. will enter my life! And I will keep this one because I will have a panel of my friends to judge for me!! I’ve never gotten this one right yet!?

Happy New Year 2016!!

Cosby Pleading Innocence

Cosby Pleading Innocence is my ridiculous topic!

First I have to ask if his lawyer actually believes the Innocence of Cosby? My answer has to be NO! What a pathetic job for a lawyer who has to put themselves in front of everyone and blatantly have to lie!

This case is going to be something to follow! Here we have an icon that really represented everything positive about family, morals and being the best father figure we could ever know! Sorry Cosby but your pretence is up!

Cosby Pleading Innocence in my opinion is probably on the same scale as OJ Simpson! So all the 50 and more women who came forward are part of a conspiracy to get Cosby! I can’t wait to hear his lawyer argue this one!

Is  our judicial system a joke? And how is a jury ever going to be selected? The latest news is that he is only on trial for this one case and that everything was consensual. Sure being drugged was consensual!! I don’t think so Mr Cosby!!

Years ago I had a brief encounter with the great Cosby but luckily my husband appeared and it didn’t go further than his very persuasive complimentary words!! For all the women he seduced I can honestly say they were innocent prey who were lured into this sick man’s web! A true pervert who got away with crimes for just too too long!

So acclaimed lawyer, let’s listen to this defense and hear your plea! My question to you is how do you sleep at night knowing who you are defending???

Trends Of 2015

Trends Of 2015 will soon be passé and probably forgotten!

I think the emergence of Caitlyn Jenner should not be classified as a Trend but a Revoulution Of Change! Transgender will finally be accepted and really for the first time brought to awareness of the majority who never knew about this classification! And it will not be forgotten because it will only grow to be what is always acceptable! A great beginning!

Now on to the Trends Of 2015 that really are so very unimportant but many followed!

The topknot was a hairstyle that became popular by the likes of Gigi Hadid. An easy way to run out of the gym, be lazy and wear dirty hair! But it was a trend and I think here to stay!

In makeup the gold epidemic happened! Pat McGrath came out with her new super gold eye shadow that was sold out! This Trend was a little unbelievable to me because who was going to actually sport this Oscar makeup??

And speaking of makeup we all know about Kylie Jenner’s  liquid lipstick that was no longer available in mere minutes!! Wow!!

The Trends Of 2015 have to include the advertising campaigns using older women! I guess the cosmetic lines are finally realizing that the older woman is probably their best customer!

As far as diet we all know that Kale won the award for the Trend Of 2015! I can’t wait to see what the new contender will be!

And in film the movie Star Wars went over a billion in sales in just 12 days! But for me seeing Stallone in Creed was fabulous! What a fabulous comeback for a probable Oscar nominee!

So maybe buzz cuts will be replaced, big butts out, , and dressing like your best friend so passé!! Let’s wait and see what 2016 brings!!