Sag Award Fashion

Sag Award Fashion was anything goes!

Susan Sarandon showed up wearing a cream colored cropped pant suit. However the 69 year old actress opted for no shirt but instead a black bra! She has very full breasts so the distraction took over everything but I gave her credit! She still is beautiful and proved you can flaunt it any age!!

I loved the way Demi Moore looked! She had her hair up in a top knot and wore a very flattering black dress. But it was her flawless face that I really noticed! Whoever she went to did an excellent job!!

Queen Latifah always gets my vote! She  has that beautiful face that I love! The same goes for Leo! He always looks so Cary Grant to me! And for the perfect elegant star I give it Helen Mirren!

Actually Sag Fashion did not stand out! The production focused on achievement and therefore I honestly forgot what they were wearing! Sure they all looked good but seeing them all with their peers you could tell that it was talent that mattered! However in saying that the lifetime achievement award was given to Carol Burnett and she looked terrific! Her face, figure showed an ageless star!

But I do have to comment on my favorite Alicia Vikander who was wearing a Louis Vuitton glimmery gown. Her simple straight long hair and natural tawny makeup was perfection!i love her beauty along with the performance in The Danish Girl. After seeing her I forgot about the others!!

But I will mention Amanda Peet in white with a simple pony tail, Marisa Tomeii in black and Viola Davis in a beautiful soft lavender gown that was so perfect for her.

Sag Fashion was secondary to the real reason-Sag Acting!!


Praise The Commentators Who Talk About Nothing

Praise The Commentators Who Talk About Nothing! Not an easy thing to do!

Its Saturday and as a Political junkie I’m listening to MSNBC special on naturally boring Iowa and I am listening to Nothing! And the Commentators  are talking about Nothing but I’m still tuned in! So what am I listening to? This sounds like a hit Seinfeld episode which was about Nothing! And yet we all watched!

Seriously this is on the same level as the program for the Super Bowl and the Oscars! I have to start watching even when the maintenance crews are removing the tarps or the red carpet is still being laid! But Praise The Commentators Who Talk About Nothing because they certainly have captured me!

But Iowa is really getting me annoyed so I think I will have to switch! Jeb Bush is still campaigning! Does he honestly think it matters! And Rubio, who I must admit really turns me off , is still talking! He may have Super Pac money but it’s not buying him first place! As much as I can’t stand Trump there is something very amusing when he attacks his opponents! He’s relentless and still won’t give up that Cruz is an anchor baby!

Now supposedly Sanders had most liked Instagrams this week! Can you believe that this matters in a political campaign!

I thought I would turn it off but I’m curious to see Chelsea Clinton so I guess I’ll stay tuned to the Commentators who are still talking!!

Wait! I’m now in the living room of an undecided Iowan couple who are sitting in front of snack tables! I haven’t seen them since my parents house! Time to turn it off!!


Poor Iowa

Poor Iowa! Enough!!

Down to the wire with two days remaining before caucus day in Iowa and there are 50 events scheduled by the candidates for today! There aren’t that many people in Iowa !! This is definitely over the top!

At this time wouldn’t you think the voters in Iowa know who they want?? Apparently not! Bernie Sanders has a concert scheduled and poor Hillary has the whole family on her side! But when we talk about the Republicans the Cruz camp is up against the reality champion so who knows what Trump will pull!

Poor Iowa ! This low keyed agricultural state is in a frenzy! I just heard that the football team from the University of Iowa are endorsing Trump! Now that’s a good one! And the young voters on the Democratic side are all going for the idealistic promises of Sanders! I get their enthusiasm but he’s no Obama! And in saying that recognize that a Republican Congress could crush any reforms he has promised!

So caucus day is really just hours away! And the close races are too close to call! But the unforeseen can be the weather! They are predicting a storm! And Iowa gets cold! This will be very interesting! I’m not seeing a young college kid who never caucuses before actually getting bundled up to fulfill the fiction campaign of Sanders or the ideals of radical conservative Cruz!

My bets are going to be on Trump for the Republican vote and hopefully a narrow edge by my girl Hillary! As a Political Junkie I will be watching! Oh but then onward! And we’re not even into the campaign yet!!