My Red Carpet Picks

My Red Carpet Picks really don’t matter because it’s the next day, the show is over, everyone went home!

But I still like to place my Red Carpet Picks!

The top was Alicia Vikander who just looked perfect in her custom Louis Vuitton. She just stood out because she had a fresh, unique look without flaunting a slit up to her waist or oversized breasts that have you staring at nothing else!

My girl Charlize came in second in an exquisite red gown. Her hair, makeup were just perfect but I think she always nails it!

The next group get mention because the gowns were really great even though the whole entity was mixing that extra little piece. Margot Robbie in gold, Lady Gaga in white Brandon Maxwell, Saoirse Ronan in Calvin Klein slinky deep green. They all deserved mention but didn’t get a winning place with me.

But the worst has to be mentioned! What was Heidi Klum thinking in the purplish  creation that looked like a nightgown and that ridiculous topknot on the top of her head?  She is so beautiful but for some reason gets herself in the attention seeking mode!

I know high slits are in but I found them to be overdone! And it’s cool to show your cleavage but Olivia Wilde had a gown on  that was so unsexy that who cared how great her breasts may be!

A total miss for me was Daisy Ridley in vintage Chanel. The length was unattractive, the color washed her out and the severe hair added  nothing!

So Oscars are over, no more TV watching boring commentators for the entire day! I say this every year and repeat the same thing when the event comes up again!!

The Best Oscar Looks Ever

The Best Oscar Looks Ever are really what I remember and loved!

First I have to say that Cher never disappointed me in her Bob Mackey creations! Each year they got more daring, more exciting and more press! I loved when she wore the black headpiece and that ever so revealing gown!

Gwyneth Paltrow was the best in her pink Ralph Lauren gown when she accepted her Academy Award. But I loved the year she wore the white  Tom Ford gown with cape! I miss her on the red carpet!!

The most beautiful actress ever had to be Elizabeth Taylor at the Oscars! Every gown was fabulous and her hair, eyes and jewels were star quality! There will never be a duplicate!

I remember the first year I saw Cate Blanchett at the Oscars in this black gown that had her back adorned in delicate flowers! She looked gorgeous!

The Best Oscar Looks Ever are what I remember for getting a gasp! Sharon Stone wearing a Gap white shirt with a Vera Wang long skirt looked fabulous! And Nicole Kidman in that chartreuse Chinese inspired Dior was a knockout! But when Celine Dion wore the Dior tuxedo backwards I think she looked ridiculous but I still remember it!

Halle Berry accepting her award in 2002 wore a stunning gown that blew everyone away! I loved it! But the unknown Lupita Nyong in the Ralph Lauren red gown with attached cape made everyone notice and she repeated her stardom next year in the flowing Prada! True excellence!

So let’s see if I can put anyone tonight in My Best Oscar Looks Ever!?

Gucci Goes Graffiti

Gucci Goes Graffiti in handbags and I actually like it!

I have not been a fan of the Gucci image that has models wearing insane prints, big bow blouses and oversized eye glasses! But finall y I’m seeing something that definitely should explode! Gucci Goes Graffiti!

Instead of suing the guy called the Gucci Ghost from Brooklyn who copied the double G logo and put it on all the fakes, Alessandro Michele decided to collaborate and created a cool line of Gucci handbags that will definitely be seen on the street! Now they’re not for everyone but the artistry is there and they have a very hip vibe!

It takes a very brave soul to actually use graffiti across an expensive Gucci bag but that’s what happened and I know they will be in demand! Gucci handbags still have the big double G logo and are using eye boggling colors such as Pepto pink, canary yellow and the brightest turquoise imaginable! So why not go all the way and destroy the ladylike image with street Graffiti !

I loved the big black tote that had the raised letters that spell Gucci on the base but then hand done in bright yellow the word REAL painted across the body! A classic black shoulder bag with gold chain strap got Graffiti all over in gold , white and turquoise! The symbols were G’s and stars!!

I have no idea how expensive, what the production quantity will be but my bet is a limited few and expensive! In fact maybe a collectors piece!

Unbelievable that Gucci Goes Graffiti is the only thing I really like!!