Ivy Park By Beyonce

Ivy Park By Beyonce is the new athletic collection designed by the one and only!

The collection Which is in collaboration with TopShop will launch in April and from what I saw it will be a hit!

First of all the way Beyonce looks is nothing like I look at 6 AM at the gym! She had sweat that glowed and the greatest hair! In fact my long blonde streaked hair with bangs may get inspired to try her top knot with the the best textured bangs. However in reality I know hers did not just hair and when I do it it resembles someone ready to scrub the floors!

Ivy Park By Beyonce is a straight forward workout collection with the leggings, sports bra , hoodie, sweatshirt and the best big logo tank! It’s the tank with Ivy Park across your chest that’s going to be the key piece! Her short shorts are so sexy that unless you have that perfect body you’ll do better in the leggings!!

What I really liked is that it was straight forward old school in black and white! I’m not one for prints and wild graphic leggings when I work out! The sports bra looked terrific with a cool mesh strap. And I loved loved her simple hoodie or maybe she just looked so gorgeous in it!

I’m excited to shop Ivy Park when it’s launched. I have no idea about pricing but in sure it falls into the Nike range. The image is so strong with no gimmicks!! Beyonce did a great job with this collection that just says you wear these clothes for a serious workout!

Perverse Sunglasses Are It

Perverse Sunglasses Are It! Not only are they so affordable but so really cool! Celebs are loving this little secret!

I have a collection of the expensive sunglasses mixed in with about 10 pairs of Raybans! But like everyone else a new pair is always welcomed! Well when I saw the Perverse Sunglasses and the ridiculous prices I knew this was a must!!

Cara Delevigne was wearing a pair called Madness for $65! They are round and just so In that they are on my list! And may I add she looked fabulous in them!

I love Aviators and the Purple ones for $50 are beyond!Cans for this price who cares if I get tired of them!

Jessica Alba posed in a pair of mirrored lenses with bold plastic frames. So perfect for lying in the sun. These are called Kayla Ray and cost $40!!

So what’s the quality of Perverse Sunglasses? I can’t answer that question and I don’t think it really matters because I really need prescription anyway which I only have one pair of and they are so heavy on my face I hate wearing them!!

My favorite Sunglasses are really a pair of Balmains that I bought online at an amazing price! But like everyone else I have obsessions such as makeup, boots and sunglasses! So Perverse Sunglasses are on my list!! My favorites are the ones Cara was wearing and I know she can afford any pair but bought these!! Show me a good picture with a great looking model wearing something that looks great and I’m hooked!

Perverse Sunglasses Are It!!

Unhealthy Healthy Foods

 Healthy Foods have depressed me!!

When I buy my yogurt at the market its either fat free or low fat! Well guess what, they are loaded with sugar! An Unhealthy Healthy Food that I have in my refrigerator!

What I will go to when I’m wanting that sweet whatever is a smoothie! Yes a Healthy full of fruit Smoothie! Well add this to the Unhealthy Healthy Food that is overloaded in sugar that your crash is inevitable!

 I stand in front of the Vegan cookies like I am choosing the last thing I will ever eat! And they have coconut instead of sugar so they must be healthy! Wrong! Coconut sugar can create the same havoc to your insulin level as regular sugar! So another one off the list!

Well if I can’t eat the cookies then how about the dried fruits! I love the apricots even though I eat the whole bag! Forget it, loaded with sugar!!

Maybe Granola?? No, add this to the Unhealthy Healthy Food list!

So what is left? Is my life just veggies, maybe a tangerine, a few eggs, pretend meat and some other tasteless unattractive foods? Dieting is part of what I do but being able to have that frozen yogurt or smoothie felt so Healthy! But I think I have found a solution to keep me sane!! A cheat day!! Yes, on my allowed day I am going to eat what ever I want and I don’t care if it’s Unhealthy!! I have all week to decide what the decadent treat will be!!