The New Taylor Swift

The New Taylor Swift deserves mention!

So do we like the platinum hair and dark stained wine lips? Personally I do but not for all the time! With that answer what do you do in the long term??

She looked fabulous at the birthday party for Gigi Hadid! The hair, the makeup, the dress and her great body was a show stopper! It definitely was a change from her signature red lips and cute natural color hair!

The New Taylor Swift looks like a vamp from the thirties! It’s a look that she can carry but for how long? The roots start growing in this platinum head and the makeup is not the look for anything athletic you may want to do! Does it start to look like bad trailer park?

Ive always followed the beauties like a Giselle who would never need to make such a bold transition! Classic beauties are what you see is what you get! But then there’s Rihanna, Miley , Madonna, JLo who always have a surprise for us! Is Taylor Swift in this category?

My prediction is that the new vamping look will be replaced shortly but in what direction I really don’t know! Maybe extensions and a dark hair color? Or a very short pixie to allow her damaged hair to have a new start! The New Taylor Swift reminds me of someone who put on a great costume but now it’s time to take it off! I’m hoping to even see her old golden curls again!!

Nili Lotan

Nili Lotan is the designer for the hottest girls you see being photographed!

Every time I see Gugi Hadid wearing something that I love it’s by Niki Lotan! Nili is an Israeli designer who came onto the scene about 15 years ago . Her collection is everything I would want to wear! It classic while at the same time hip! When I first saw her sulk cami dresses I knew this was someone to watch!

The Nili Lotan shop is naturally in New York. The decor is spare with a collection of Individual pieces that could definitely take over my closet! When Gigi wore her cropped military pants with a simple but great cropped top I knew that Nili Lotan knew who she was!

Gigi Hadid is her best endorsement! The oversized white puffy jacket worn with the ripped jeans was just perfect! Now if you want to visit the shop it’s by appointment only! Her designs are an investment but you will cherish every piece if you are fortunate to purchase! Nili Lotan is an impeccable perfectionist! Every wash, detail is unique! The cashmere is beyond superb and the way she shows a black high slit skirt with a wonderful chunky knit top is the look I want! In fact so does Lady Gaga and J Lo!

Niki Lotan doesn’t care about press or over exposure. She is so true to her own style that shows in what she puts forward! I am a definite fan who someday will get my appointment!!

Just discovered the collection is at Barneys!! Now I’m in trouble! Must have the army pants, love the shredded white, the cami dress is fabulous, etc etc!!!

The Shrinking Gap

The Shrinking Gap is just the beginning!!

Sales have dropped, traffic decreased and the promise all will pick up has not happened to this empire! So the over 800 stores will shrink to 500 and that prediction still is t what they need to do! The number in North America is about 375!!

So what’s the problem? Is it the competition of Zara’s, H&M, Forever 21?? The answer is Yes!! The Gap has lost their identity and purpose with trying to be trendy! When you brand yourself the customer wants what you are noted for! I remember the beginnings of the Gap because years ago I did all the windows in 21 stores!! They were powerful with the narrow and deep concept of great flannel shirts, jeans in all styles, basic TShirts and whatever else made our everyday wardrobe! You didn’t go to the Gap to look trendy! Multiple sales in extensive color ranges were the norm! You stocked up and replenished! But now when you enter the Gap it’s  just a bunch of stuff! They tried to get their Jean program going but somehow their price point out counted them out in competing with the likes of Old Navy who is owned by the same corporation! The Shrinking Gap has a problem! Once you wander too far from your brand you are in trouble to get your customer back! I get so many promotions on my iPhone that I don’t even pay attention any more! Great product with competitive prices is the answer! Go back to designs that aren’t trying so hard! Do your button shirts in maybe 2 versions with extensive colors! You don’t need all this stuff! What you do need is what the consumer wants and can’t get! And while I’m venting bring back a simple short denim jean skirt in black, white and faded blue! Add some great cool street wear detail to your basic denim jackets! Make your sweat department a complete deep story!!  And don’t try to fill every category!!