Equipment x Kate Moss

Equipment x Kate Moss is going to be a great collaboration! I have been an Equipment fan for years but lately not too impressed! But with Kate Moss on board and her bohemian classy touch this is going to be great! And from what I’ve seen its just what Equipment needed!

Kate Moss loves men’s shirts and she still has that tomboy touch! Well this is perfect for Equipment! I’m loving the casual look of the shirts with pockets in the perfect place and prints that are really chic! But when I saw the ide legged pajama pants I really got turned on! What a cool outfit that could take me anywhere!!

Kate Moss included her signature slip dresses which look fabulous! After seeing this tight mini  collection I feel Equipment has added a new dimension! Sometimes just staying in your branded identity gets stale!

Equipment x Kate Moss will get great publicity. Not only does the company have a brand that is noted for its quality and classic design but with this beautiful model and fashion icon I’m seeing a touch that was missing.

The shirtless has got my attention too. What a great piece to own and so versatile! I just haven’t found one that has turned me on besides a white one from Hermes that cost $1100! Equipment is t cheap but affordable because you are getting fashion you will wear and keep for years! I cherish my shirts and always know they are there to get me dressed! But now the whole interchangeable look will be available and who better than Kate Moss to do it!!

Revamping Victoria Secret

Revamping Victoria Secret is the topic!

Say goodbye to the sexy swimwear, clothing , shoes , accessories! Victoria Secret is back to basics such as lingerie! Yes that means a whole store of underwear! My question is do you think the stores are too big?

Revamping Victoria Secret means one thing to me, decline in profits! When a brand spreads themselves too thin their profits are eaten up by the declining area! However I must admit that Victoria Secret certainly had a long run!

But what is the real reason beyond this rehaul? The online shopping, the everyday sales from every manufacturer has really hurt all retailers! The much awaited Victoria Secret catalog that would come in the mail means nothing when everything is online! And who cares about the sales when it seems every day is s clearance! And how much impact do the famous models have anymore?

Time moves on and so does our wants! What was the hot ticket a decade ago seems to be the old boring thing and we want something new! I remember the Angel show being something I tuned into just to see Gisele! Now it’s line Miss America pageant for me, I don’t care!

Revamping Victoria Secret will be interesting to  watch! I’m not a fan of their bras so it’s hard for me to predict. And may I add that they are not cheap! Do girls identify with the Angels? Do they love the product? Let’s see what happens in the coming year!!

Rihanna Sold Out

Rihanna Sold Out! I mean her sneakers!!

In 35 minutes the Creeper Sneaker by Puma sold out in 35 minutes! The Rihanna phenomena has hit! The Creepers are back with a higher price tag of $140 but that doesn’t even matter to shoppers! They want these Sneakers!!

I wanted the fur lined slip ons for $80 and they were gone! So my question is whether it’s the Rihanna endorsement or the actual design?

The answer is simple! Rihanna created these designs with Puma and her followers can see her taste and style! If Rihanna wears them then they want them! Whenever I see a photo of Rihanna I always study her fashion!

This is a winner for Puma! In fact with all the competition out there in the Sneaker world Rihanna Sold Out! Her Creepers not only look cool but they have have their own stamp of individuality! You wear them and are recognized in a Rihanna Creeper!

Rihanna empire is expanding. She collaborated with Manola Blahnik for a great edgy collection that even got JLo wearing her thigh high denim boots! And she’s into sunglasses with her own stamp of Rihanna! Watch out for her expansion with Puma because this is just the beginning!

There  is really no secret when a collection just soars! Good design can’t be stopped! However in saying that it just astonishes me that people will pay these insane prices for the Kanye sneaker! I’ve seen them and honestly thought they were not very appealing but in saying that maybe that’s the attraction!

Rihanna Sold Out is the message!!