Too Many Skin Hypes

Too Many Skin Hypes is too much confusion!

My advice is read the reviews before you get sucked in! And not just the first five positive ones!

I just watched an infomercial with Jane Seymour while on the treadmill at the gym. It’s for Crepe Erase. Now there’s a huge hype on these products! What gets me is that crepey skin has just become popular? This demon has been around for as long as people have gotten old! So after a long tedious boring sales pitch I decided to investigate! The introductory special is only $39.95 plus many perks! However after reading the reviews my review says no!’

I happen to use a product from Beverly Hills MD which I rave about! In fact I rave about everything from them! Try the Lift and Firm Cream and the Rejuvenating Moisturizer! These are the real deal and not a Hype!! That’s all I’m going to say!

Theres another infomercial by a prominent doctor in Beverly Hills who created a serum to replace Botox! Again another Hype with all kinds of promotions and yes testimonials! As for me I don’t like any serum that tightens the skin like magic under the eyes until you wash it off! This reminds me of stretching out your old sweater! Skin that is drawn in then relaxed will show the signs of aging more!!

Too Many Skin Hypes has to be with what is on my Facebook! Between Christie Brinkley and Ellen Degeneres I am flooded with their products! Just try simple Vitamin C and Hydraluric Acid!! Read the ingredients! The companies just keep changing their names!

So what is good skin care with everything offered! Personally I believe that companies you know or dermatologists you respect have the answer. Just stay away from these infomercial fast sales ads that will lure you in and charge your card!!