Beauty Water

imageBeauty Water is the new must!

What is Beauty Water you ask? Well, I asked the same thing! It seems the Korean beauty secrets are going global and Beauty Water is the best kept secret to escape! This product will moisturize, cleanse, exfoliate and tone with one swipe on a cotton ball! Sure you cleanse first but follow with Beauty Water for the prep before serum and moisturizer. The Korean makeup artists swear by it!

Now it’s available via Soko Glam. The sleek bottle will cost you $30. It’s the perfect product to also put in a spritz bottle to refresh during the day and great for your workouts!

It has  a pH level of 5 so it will not irritate your skin. When you read the list of ingredients you will know this is just not water but a super natural combination that will brighten, hydrate and exfoliate with just a simple swipe on a cotton ball.

There are many other great products emerging from the Korean market. I love their crazy masks that are coated in moisture and fit on your face! I even wore one home driving from my dermatologist office after a treatment!

The company Son & Park are introducing more great beauty products such as Lip Cubes and Foundation Sticks! All of this intrigue me so I’ll keep you posted as I delve into this new discovery! Beauty Water is a definite yes but from what I read, they sold out on their first introduction! Now I must have it!!

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