Campaign 333

Campaign 333 is on! What does it mean?

Joshua Becker is the guy behind this campaign. He simply has 30 pieces of clothing that he wears for 3 months! Can you do it?

I think this is exactly how I live my life! Sure I have closets full of clothes but I wear the same things every day! My summer uniform are skinny or ripped up boyfriend jeans, my assortment of Free People beach tanks and flip flops! I’ll include a white and black shirt, skinny black jeans and booties! I really don’t like dresses, skirts or cute anything so I always go back to my uniform dressing! In fact I carry the same bag every day even though I own many! The 333 Campaign is for me!

My problem is that I just keep what I don’t wear because they are just too cool to part with and I may just have that occasion! Who am I kidding? Last weekend I ignored my great stash and wore a great Rick Owens black tank, skinny black jeans and a cool pair of slouchy black boots! The same look as my uniform just a few notches up!

When you think about it many famous people who can afford anything wear the 333 Campaign! Look at what Steve Jobs wore! And Who can forget Donna Karan and her 7 piece wardrobe!

Shopping for me is really a chore unless it’s makeup! My best discovery is Zaras for my jeans! I own 8 biker jackets because I love that style and I can’t even count the black shirts! Yes I am definitely a great candidate for 333… in fact I think I could get it down except I hate doing laundry!!

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