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Perricone Eye Serum

imagePerricone Eye Serum called Acyl-Glutathione is my new obsession !

I was really looking for a cream to help diminish the tiny fine lines I saw appearing around my mouth. As luck had it, there was Justin the skin care specialist at Nordtroms who heard my calling! Immediately he ran to Perricone Eye Serum! But I wanted something for my lip area even though the eyes could use a little lifting! He quickly explained that this dynamic serum would erase these little annoyances! Well for over $100 for a tiny bottle, this better show me something!

In one tiny drop around my mouth I saw magic! My lips suddenly pouted out and the tiny lines were gone! With this happening I applied a small amount on my eyelid and under where the crows feet and wrinkles grow! Again, gone! I was hooked on Perricone Eye Serum and had to have this little blue bottle!

I know products because I’m always reading and exploring and yes, buying. I stayed away from Perricone because I could not stand the smell! I used to use the entire line and even bought boxes of his vitamins! You see if I like the salesperson and they become my friend then they can sell me the entire counter! I’ve ignored the infomercials and always walked by the Perricone products. But now I am really hooked!

Apparently it’s the Acyl-Glutathione that our skin loses. I still use my hyaluronic acid but I first apply the new Perricone Eye Serum which just lifts, erases and plumps! My excitement had to be shared!!!

Get A Great Neck

imageGet A Great Neck  can be achieved without having the surgery tagged a neck lift!

The first remedy are the numerous creams on the market. They all claim to be miraculous and may help a little in tightening but if you have that droopy turkey situation or sagging jowls, you are going to need more!

I recommend a procedure performed by your dermatologist called mesotherapy. This is a so-called cocktail that is injected into the hanging fat pocket. This solution will dissolve the fat in your neck area. Usually you need a series to see the improvement. However once there is no fat, you may be left with dreadful sagging skin! A simple inexpensive procedure can then be performed by a plastic surgeon that just pulls and tightens the skin. This so called lift can be done in an office and has very little down time. It doesn’t do anything with the muscles, just the loose skin. But beware if anyone tries to talk you into threading. I don’t recommend this procedure!

Injectibles like Botox can tighten the cords and Juviderm can lift the jowls. But crepe skin  and turkey necks need more!

Something new is  the magical pen with the vibrating needles that a doctor will use to penetrate the skin and then inject hyaluronic solution to plump and hydrate. This is the same principle as that dreadful little roller which I never use! This sounds very promising!

The laser treatments to Get A Great Neck are Titan and Thermage. However these treatments will improve but if you are too far gone don’t expect miracles! I did the Titan and found it so uncomfortable that it was a complete turnoff!

Can you Get A Great Neck with a chemical peel? Questionable and very uncomfortable with a down time of having a red, tender,  scabbing neck! I say forget this one!

And last are the yoga facial exercises. I bet they do work but I’ve never lasted out a week of doing them!

Do research on Get A Great Neck but don’t let this age giveaway go without any help!!! There are solutions for this problem!

Botox Has Gone Crazy

imageBotox Has Gone Crazy is putting it mildly! This wonderful poison is just not for furrows, crows feet and wrinkles!

The most absurd use of Botox is that women are getting their scalps injected so their blow dry will last! Botox will attack the sweat glands and that little trick will keep a perfect blow dry! Can you believe?

Botox Has Gone Crazy when it is injected into the stomach to help in making one feel full! Now I can understand the bladder control because that is really a problem that needs relief but weight loss?

They have found that Botox injected into the forehead will help in depression. The claim is that the muscles won’t be able to send any messages to the brain that can cause this condition. Sounds complicated but on this one if it works than don’t question it!

Botox is being injected into the hands, feet,  and undersrms to curtail sweating. I also read that women also use it so they can keep their numb feet in stillettos!

Yes, Botox Has Gone Crazy but in many good ways. The injection can prevent twitching and spasms. Doctors are using it with MS patients to relieve pain so physical therapy can be performed! All of these discoveries are relieving patients of discomfort. And may I add jokingly that they are probably wrinkle free!

Migraines are another area that Botox has proven successful. The numbing effect works on the tension that causes this horrific pain. A great discovery for those who suffer from this chronic condition.

So this dreadful poison has proven to be a great positive in our lives. The precaution has to be who’s injecting! Don’t look for bargains because you don’t know what you are getting! Shop a doctor by recommendation and know that you are in the hands of someone with credibility, experience and respectability !