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Keanu Reeves

imageWho really is Keanu Reeves? Read his inspiring story and you will simply say “Awesome!”

Keanu Reeves is an actor that keeps his personal life private. In fact, I was really taken back when I read a post about him titled “Life Is Worth Living!” This revealing article about Keanu Reeves is a must for any troubled person to read. His positive outlook, set of values and genuine heart has separated this star from the Hollywood group that always makes headlines.

Keanu Reeves is a simple guy. He has no body guards, no mansion and rides the subway. Relationships have been hard for him because of events in his life. There was a stillborn birth of his little girl, a car accident that killed the love of his life, the drug death of his best friend River Phoenix and his sister battling cancer. But for Keanu and his strong faith, Life Is Worth Living!

This quiet generous man has donated great sums to charity without the public knowing. He lives his life with a purpose and even though he’s worth over 100 million, he prefers simplicity. We all know him from Matrix and my favorite A Walk In The Clouds, but his own personal life was always an enigma to me. I am so glad he revealed his story and hopefully can influence those who have given up. Even though you’re not Keanu Reeves, have his talent, his money, you will be able to relate to this remarkable beautiful human being!

Thank you Keanu for letting us in your private world!!

Designers In Question

imageDesigners In Question probably means that I just don’t get you!

I used to buy and love Alexander McQueen. In fact I still cherish my shearling jacket and black tuxedo suit. Clothes were wearable with an exciting twist. Now when I look at he collections all I see are costumes! We all know McQueen is not with us anymore but I don’t think his image has lived on either!

I keep posting about Gucci because I can’t believe what my eyes see and what the bloggers/journalists write! Please tell someone to get rid of those dreadful flower bags and forget the ruffles! I used to always shop the shoes because they made them for my size 11 but even these designs say nothing! Designers In Question is definitely Gucci!

Times have changed and naturally fashion has evolved. But when I think of my favorite Balenciaga I don’t get that rush! I will never get rid of my weekend bags, love my two motorcycle jackets forever but have not really shopped the collection in seasons past. Could it be that the designer associated is no longer there?

So who still has the consistency? I say Chanel, Stella McCartney, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein. The dollar amounts in sales may not show it but these designers stay true to their brand. I love that their collections are identifiable and keep the image alive! They don’t follow anyone but themselves! And may I add that they are their brand! Their  labels can never be passed on to anyone else!!

Milan Fashion

imageMilan Fashion previewed and I have mixed comments. On some cases, I am totally opposite on the reviews!

Lets face it, Milan Fashion is ruled by designers who are not so young anymore! Armani is 81, Donatella 60, Miuccia 66, Cavalli 74! These design houses are the real backbone of Milan Fashion and I don’t thing they really care about changing their brand even though lagging sales should be the push! Versace has to have glitz, Prada quirky, Cavalli always body hugging with touches of leopard,  and Armani just classy!

But what about struggling Gucci? Apparantly the front row adored the collection! My opinion is just the opposite! I detest pussy cat bow blouses and mixing different bright prints is nothing I would ever wear! Last collection had nerdy looking models in their round glasses strutting the runway. And the journalists loved it because they were wearing the clothes to see the new Milan Fashion! Is it a trend? Has Gucci come back? The figures will tell but as for the direction and image, I will pass!

So what is Milan Fashion saying? Many designers showed in industrial warehouses which was a first for traditional Milan Fashion week. Are they trying to project clothes that can actually be bought and worn by a consumer that doesn’t have to be wealthy? Is there an attempt to conform to the times and reach out to that market who lives on line?

Lets see what the celebs will be wearing! That always helps any market!  Or does it? I thought the canary yellow Versace getup Heidi Klumm wore to the Emmys was just ridiculous!