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Men’s Wear Looking Good

Men’s Wear Looking Good!

I am a female who shops Men’s Wear! Because of my 5’9″ height and broad shoulders I find the fit is always better in shirts, long sleeve T shirts and even many jackets! And if they make the jeans small enough I love the washes! Well I think I’m getting excited about what I have seen!

Now let’s face it, some designers will always be so over the top that you can’t identify or want to! Rick Owens showed a white cocoon coat that maybe he should be wrapped up in! And Givenchy had a multi patterned number with a fur trim that was just not cool! But give me the bomber jacket by Maison Margiela and you have style! But Raf Simons showed and oversize sweater look that looked like three of you could be covered!!

So what’s the message in Men’s Wear Looks Good! Simply that customers will buy and wear! When Lanvin shows an unconstructed topcoat over baggy pants and worn with white sneakers you know the look will take off! Balmain always has to show a crested short jacket but the new style has a three quarter sleeve. Now the model wore high gloves so I’m not sure this will ever translate but the jacket was cool!

What I got from all that I saw is that it’s the topcoat that is going to be the key piece! You layer everything but top it off with the investment piece! My favorite is the loose Lanvin coat that looks fantastic!

Sell Outs

imageSell Outs are definitely in the news!

The first hit has to be the Balmain collaboration with H&M! My gym is next door to the West Hollywood store and by morning the shelves were bare! I just saw the photos of Cindy Crawford with her look alike daughter and they looked great! For the prelaunch the celebrities turned out and bought up most of the stock! The line was long outside while customers had to wait! This definite was a Sell Out! I still want a Tshirt!

And in London the crowds for the Balmain group were out of control! Police had to control the frenzied shoppers who mobbed H & M! Yes a Sell Out!

Now for my favorite makeup artist Pat McGrath who posted her first gold eye shadow named 001Gold! When I first saw the preview I wondered who would want to buy or wear this bold very gold streak of metal on their lids! Well that’s how much I know because it was a Sell Out on her website! Go figure?

The Yeezy collection can be added to the Sell Out list! Kanye definite has a customer, a following and a demand for his designs! And may I add that they are not cheap!

So what does all this say? Is it the designer? The product? The hype? Certainly price doesn’t enter into it when H&M can sell a dress for over $649! I conclude its all 3 components! Let’s see what’s next for the big Sell Out!

Designers In Question

imageDesigners In Question probably means that I just don’t get you!

I used to buy and love Alexander McQueen. In fact I still cherish my shearling jacket and black tuxedo suit. Clothes were wearable with an exciting twist. Now when I look at he collections all I see are costumes! We all know McQueen is not with us anymore but I don’t think his image has lived on either!

I keep posting about Gucci because I can’t believe what my eyes see and what the bloggers/journalists write! Please tell someone to get rid of those dreadful flower bags and forget the ruffles! I used to always shop the shoes because they made them for my size 11 but even these designs say nothing! Designers In Question is definitely Gucci!

Times have changed and naturally fashion has evolved. But when I think of my favorite Balenciaga I don’t get that rush! I will never get rid of my weekend bags, love my two motorcycle jackets forever but have not really shopped the collection in seasons past. Could it be that the designer associated is no longer there?

So who still has the consistency? I say Chanel, Stella McCartney, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein. The dollar amounts in sales may not show it but these designers stay true to their brand. I love that their collections are identifiable and keep the image alive! They don’t follow anyone but themselves! And may I add that they are their brand! Their  labels can never be passed on to anyone else!!