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Kendall Jenner Gets Vogue Issue

Kendall Jenner Gets Vogue Issue is just that! She is the entire magazine!

Yes Kendall Jenner is the entire issue of Vogue! Shot by Mario Testino there is no one else but Kendall Jenner! The cover shot alone is fabulous!

The magazine issue has no advertising sponsors except Estée Lauder. And we all know Kendall is the face for this prestigious cosmetic company. Rihanna had her own issue so now it’s Kendall’s turn.

Can you imagine how sister Kim is going to respond to all the attention given to Kendall? Maybe a little jealousy that will have to result in her trying to top this by maybe her own issue of selfie nude shots! Sorry Kim but we don’t need to see anymore!

Kendall Jenner has hit the big time in modeling in a very short time. Besides her followers , endorsements, runway shows, she’s just fun to keep up with! Her best friend Gigi Hadid is usually the party girl beside her. But for all this triteness, I like her! I can’t say the same for sisters Kim and Kylie who I tag as just annoying!

So the special April issue will have 52 pages dedicated to Kendall Jenner! What I like is that she really did this on her own without the Kardashian family. She stands out from all the rest of them in a classy beautiful way. Now if she can be smart about her boyfriends then I think she will have a beautiful path to success and making her mark in the world of beauty and fashion!


Sag Award Fashion

Sag Award Fashion was anything goes!

Susan Sarandon showed up wearing a cream colored cropped pant suit. However the 69 year old actress opted for no shirt but instead a black bra! She has very full breasts so the distraction took over everything but I gave her credit! She still is beautiful and proved you can flaunt it any age!!

I loved the way Demi Moore looked! She had her hair up in a top knot and wore a very flattering black dress. But it was her flawless face that I really noticed! Whoever she went to did an excellent job!!

Queen Latifah always gets my vote! She  has that beautiful face that I love! The same goes for Leo! He always looks so Cary Grant to me! And for the perfect elegant star I give it Helen Mirren!

Actually Sag Fashion did not stand out! The production focused on achievement and therefore I honestly forgot what they were wearing! Sure they all looked good but seeing them all with their peers you could tell that it was talent that mattered! However in saying that the lifetime achievement award was given to Carol Burnett and she looked terrific! Her face, figure showed an ageless star!

But I do have to comment on my favorite Alicia Vikander who was wearing a Louis Vuitton glimmery gown. Her simple straight long hair and natural tawny makeup was perfection!i love her beauty along with the performance in The Danish Girl. After seeing her I forgot about the others!!

But I will mention Amanda Peet in white with a simple pony tail, Marisa Tomeii in black and Viola Davis in a beautiful soft lavender gown that was so perfect for her.

Sag Fashion was secondary to the real reason-Sag Acting!!


Keanu Reeves

imageWho really is Keanu Reeves? Read his inspiring story and you will simply say “Awesome!”

Keanu Reeves is an actor that keeps his personal life private. In fact, I was really taken back when I read a post about him titled “Life Is Worth Living!” This revealing article about Keanu Reeves is a must for any troubled person to read. His positive outlook, set of values and genuine heart has separated this star from the Hollywood group that always makes headlines.

Keanu Reeves is a simple guy. He has no body guards, no mansion and rides the subway. Relationships have been hard for him because of events in his life. There was a stillborn birth of his little girl, a car accident that killed the love of his life, the drug death of his best friend River Phoenix and his sister battling cancer. But for Keanu and his strong faith, Life Is Worth Living!

This quiet generous man has donated great sums to charity without the public knowing. He lives his life with a purpose and even though he’s worth over 100 million, he prefers simplicity. We all know him from Matrix and my favorite A Walk In The Clouds, but his own personal life was always an enigma to me. I am so glad he revealed his story and hopefully can influence those who have given up. Even though you’re not Keanu Reeves, have his talent, his money, you will be able to relate to this remarkable beautiful human being!

Thank you Keanu for letting us in your private world!!