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Goop Robbed

  • imageThe headline reads Goop Robbed!

Gwyneth Paltrow pop up shop was robbed! And we’re not talking a simple sachet but $173,00 worth of merchandise from her New York shop! This pop up was created November 24 and would exist until December 24. Well I think they’re a little short of merchandise!

The whole scenario is very strange because the robbery took place in front of everyone! Store employees called the police but by the time they arrived , the thieves got away! Now I don’t quite get it! This is New York with the best police security! If this can happen what is the risk of the rest of their security?

But the craziest for me was that Goop was selling leather jackets for $10,000! And naturally they were amongst the stolen! I want a picture of these jackets! And who would spend that much on a leather jacket unless it was worn by Elvis!

Goop Robbed needs my further investigation. Because of all the hoopla with Donald Trump and his ban on Muslim entry into the United States, this article got very little attention . But I would think Gwyneth  would have gotten more media time! This robbery was quite a bit of merchandise and it happened in broad daylight!

My curiosity wants to see these jackets! And what would the robbers do with them? Sell them and then get caught ? A very strange course of events that probably no one except me paid attention to!

No More Nudity For Playboy

imageNo More Nudity For Playboy is the headline!

Hard to believe but Hugh Hefner announced that Playboy Magazine would have  No More Nudity! Now that for me is news!

Nudity has become so accessible that Playboy is no longer what Hugh created.  Years ago the magazine had young boys hiding their copies! But now the sales are at just about 800,000 and even the celebrities can’t get the readers to lust. Just go on the Internet and you can see everything!

But the last issue is going to be the big seller. Jenny McCarthy once to give it one more time but her competition could include Pamela Anderson! But maybe the last copy containing nudity should be someone we would least expect! I’m sure Playboy will get it right!

The votes are coming in! And Jenny McCarthy is scoring high! However, the best one I heard is make Hugh Hefner the centerfold! In reality, who really wants to see an old naked man?? Sorry Hugh!

So No More Nudity For Playboy leaves what appeal for the magazine? They always had interesting articles and cute jokes but is that enough to keep it alive?  And is there really a market left for magazines anymore?


Amal Clooney Sends A Message

imageAmal Clooney Sends A Message that no one talks about!

Yes we see the photos of Amal Clooney in a different outfit that gets the journalists and bloggers exalted! They applause this woman who never wears the same thing twice and rave about her sense of style! All of this is good but personally I really don’t love most of her designer clothes but that is not my issue today.

I just saw the photo of Amal Clooney in a very mini emerald green dress that the writer had to say how gorgeous she looked! Excuse me, but am I the only one who noticed the skinniest legs imaginable! When the knee is fatter than the thigh then there is a problem! Amal Clooney Sends A Message that she doesn’t eat! I do not approve!

Model agencies in Paris are weighing their girls before they are allowed to model. Too skinny is not being accepted. Are we afraid to comment when a famous person has a very noticeable eating disorder but it becomes acceptable because who they are?

Amal Clooney Sends A Message that translates that she can be invisible to this issue. As an example in the world of fashion, I find this to be unacceptable. Young women have body issues and seeing this woman who happens to be married to the sexy actor we all know, says super skinny is appealing! Well maybe it worked for her but this message is not what I would want to deliver!

The press is the first to slam actresses, TV hostesses, about being too skinny! But somehow Amal Clooney just gets compliments! I don’t get it!!!