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Instalift Is Back

Instalift Is Back! The instant facelift has a second chance!

The procedure called Threading or Instalift didn’t do too well back in the nineties. This non surgery procedure was done by puncturing small holes and actually pulling a thread under your skin. It claimed to lift the skin with no surgery! The problem were the results and the complaints!

eWell Instalift Is Back! The procedure got perfected in Europe and for a fee of less than $3000 threading was being done with new  components that have tiny cones which allow the doctor to pull on the threads that have attached under the skin and will give you that lift. The threads are positioned in a V which will tighten and lift the neck, jaw, cheeks and eyes! It will cost about $3000 with no down time and last up to 2 years! But be aware! There are only a few doctors to trust!

In Beverly Hills it’s Dr Harold Lancer who says yesto this procedure! I went to him  so I can say he is great! And if Dr Lancer is saying yes to the Instalift then I know it’s working! His clients are women who can afford and only want the best!

The Instalift will take about 30 minutes and maybe you will feel the tugging but nothing major . It sounds like the perfect answer for that sagging skin that fillers can’t resolve. My advice is read up on it! What a perfect solution for men who have those droopy jowls and turkey necks!

Instalift Is Back and Dr Lancer I’m coming back!!

Fuller, Plumper Breasts

Fuller, Plumper Breasts can be yours with no surgery!

So you can actually get Fuller, Plumper Breasts with no surgery! The procedure is based on the Vampire Facial which blood taken from your arm is injected into your breasts! Sounds a little gory but if you don’t look or think about it, the results look good!

The price is about $1800 and you will see immediate results! And expect it to last for at least a year! So what does it do? And who are good candidates?

From the photos I would say anyone experiencing the dreadful sagging and loss of volume, you are perfect for this treatment! It doesn’t enlarge but plumps! In fact you could go braless because of how it lifts the sag! Nipples get pink and actually more sensitive because probably because of the life injected into them! You don’t need a push-up bra after doing this!

Now Fuller Plumper Breasts must be done by a doctor who knows what they are doing! Don’t shop for bargains and make sure your person knows this procedure! I really think that this simple method will help so many women who have to face the sag after childbirth! And it’s all natural with no implants!

There is no down time and takes about 15 minutes. Stretch marks will disappear! Also for those with implants who now have that stretchy skin, try this! This is a great solution to make your girls firmer, perky and yes fuller!!

Get A Great Neck

imageGet A Great Neck  can be achieved without having the surgery tagged a neck lift!

The first remedy are the numerous creams on the market. They all claim to be miraculous and may help a little in tightening but if you have that droopy turkey situation or sagging jowls, you are going to need more!

I recommend a procedure performed by your dermatologist called mesotherapy. This is a so-called cocktail that is injected into the hanging fat pocket. This solution will dissolve the fat in your neck area. Usually you need a series to see the improvement. However once there is no fat, you may be left with dreadful sagging skin! A simple inexpensive procedure can then be performed by a plastic surgeon that just pulls and tightens the skin. This so called lift can be done in an office and has very little down time. It doesn’t do anything with the muscles, just the loose skin. But beware if anyone tries to talk you into threading. I don’t recommend this procedure!

Injectibles like Botox can tighten the cords and Juviderm can lift the jowls. But crepe skin  and turkey necks need more!

Something new is  the magical pen with the vibrating needles that a doctor will use to penetrate the skin and then inject hyaluronic solution to plump and hydrate. This is the same principle as that dreadful little roller which I never use! This sounds very promising!

The laser treatments to Get A Great Neck are Titan and Thermage. However these treatments will improve but if you are too far gone don’t expect miracles! I did the Titan and found it so uncomfortable that it was a complete turnoff!

Can you Get A Great Neck with a chemical peel? Questionable and very uncomfortable with a down time of having a red, tender,  scabbing neck! I say forget this one!

And last are the yoga facial exercises. I bet they do work but I’ve never lasted out a week of doing them!

Do research on Get A Great Neck but don’t let this age giveaway go without any help!!! There are solutions for this problem!