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What’s New

imageWhat’s New is always fun to discover, write about and review!

The most exciting is the Balmain x H&M  debut! Rousteing has done it and it’s great! The jackets I saw so far make me want all of them. Now this collection is more expensive for H&M and a jacket can cost about $400 but that’s a lot cheaper than Balmain! But now the question is will they be sold out in one hour??

What’s New that isn’t fun are the reports that reviews on the Internet can be fake! There are companies that pay $5 for a review and they can be raves or slamming the competitors! This is very upsetting because before I shop I always read the reviews!!

There’s a Current Elliott store opening in Venice CA. For some reason, I thought they had stores but apparently this is their first. I might just have to make a trip!

Speaking of stores , LA Label has opened on Robertson. The boutique look is BoHo chic and the prices start at $45! A definite stop for me!

Charlotte Tilbury is getting my attention with her new eye pencils. The images are absolutely stunning and so simple to use. My choice will be the Mink for my blue eyes! Check this one out!

What’s New is that Sasha Obama is a cool 14 year old who opted to wear white sneakers with her pretty dress to homecoming! This girl knows that comfort means fun! I with I would have dished those heels for a pair when my poor feet were all I could think about!

And last I have to add that Starbucks has my pumpkin latte! Getting in the spirit!!

Does The Perfect Exist

imageDoes The Perfect Exist? I ponder this question as I keep seeking.

I just read a delightful article by a writer #Hadley Freeman who knew she found the Perfect bag only to realize after it was hers that she saw another bag which was now part of her quest! Does The Perfect Exist? Apparently not!

Whenever I spend too much on the boots I openly declare to myself that I have finally found The  Perfect pair and my quest is over! I can usually keep this pledge for a couple weeks until my eye catches the next must haves! No, The Perfect Does Not Exist in this category!

So let’s try my handbags. I am not a bag freak and hate to change for daily use! My Balenciaga weekender bags in black and brown I can honestly say are my Perfect bags! But you see that’s probably because I can’t afford a Birkin that I always secretly wanted. So am I compromising because of price?

I am a makeup junkie but only for the same products! Bronzers, pinky lipsticks, neutral lip liners and peachy pink blush! I never look at red lip anything and mascara is fine from the drugstore. So does the Perfect Exist in my makeup finds? Simple answer, No! I’m still searching but just thinking that if I ever find it my quest would be over makes me sad!! I actually have fun looking!

My last passion is jeans! I honestly can say I have not found my perfect pair! It seems every Jean has something I wish were different! The funny thing is that when I do think I have found perfection after breaking them in, they usually have their days numbered before I’m wearing shreds! I love distressed denim so my poor Rag and Bones are starting to look like shorts because my knees are fully exposed!

Does The Perfect Exist? Like anything in life, after we have lived with it we realize it’s not Perfect !But do we really need the Perfect anything? No expectations, no disappointments!!

Style vs News

Style vs News made me stop today! Do I reimagealjy care about the newest makeup, skincare solutions, different denim styles, what to eat to be skinny etc. etc.  etc.

There are just some days you have to say there are more important things going on in the world that we should be paying attention to! Who cares what makeup look you choose today when the earthquake in Nepal has taken so many lives! And I live in Los Angeles ao trust me, we all live in fear! And it’s the survival kits that you need not your makeup bag!

In the morning I’m on the treadmill at the gym watching my news programs on TV that are filled with dread, despair and hostility! Just view the problems in Libyia where hundreds trying to escape are drowned in their quest to reach Italy! They wear the clothes on their backs and it doesn’t matter what style jeans they have on!

But I’ve been in fashion and beauty my whole life! It’s Style vs News because I’m feeling so narcissistic when the problems all around me are so urgent! How do I allow myself to write about the best Spring shoes or how much I liked Michelle Obama’s dress at the journalist dinner?

Are our worlds so far apart? I love when I see beautiful celebrities support causes and step out of their comfort zones. It’s their influence that can bring awareness and bridge the gap that is so apparent between the well off and bad off.

Okay I vented and will go back to my exploring and informing in my small world of beauty and trends. I know it’s not worthy of recognition but it’s something that I just do because it’s fun and enjoyable! And with all going on we all need some fun in our lives so Style will definitely live on and News will continue to relate the most depressed updates … that’s why we need to shop!! It makes us happy!