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Crazy Accessories From Paris

Crazy Accessories From Paris were seen at the shows for Fall 2016!

First was the oversized, and I mean oversized bag or whatever you want to call it from Balenciaga. Maybe it’s okay if you’re standing but what you you do with this thing when sitting or let alone be in a car is a mystery to me!

Actually Chanel had a boot with a plaid top on it that for some reason I liked! They showed it with the matching skirt and the whole look was pretty cute! On the other hand the Mary Janes with the ankle strap in white from Madison Margiela were ridiculous looking! The black thick sole and heel plus the huge buckle were really comical! They looked like Minnie Mouse shoes!

St Laurent did stilettos with a cute bow on the heel. How you drive in these things I don’t know! But at least they weren’t junked up like the backs of the Mui Mui heels. What were they thinking??

Crazy Accessories From Paris have to include the lug soled lace up boots from Louis Vuitton. Now these shoes are certainly not Crazy but definitely not the most flattering. The shiny black leather is accented with white shoe laces! But in saying all this they will probably be a hit!!

There were many fur purses, cute small bags, pretty hair accessories that will be integrated into Fall 2016 fashion but it’s the Crazy ones that always get the attention and are on the must have list! The more I look at that shopping bag purse from Balenciaga the more practical it has become!!

My Top Picks

My Top Picks are what I want!

My list starts of with the classy Tom Ford lipsticks titled Lips And Boys Collection from all the boys he knew! The new lipsticks are small in size, great to throw in your purse, and have that great TF etched right on the top! Besides that, the muted pink I always wear is called Jude! Now I ask you, how can I say no!!! And they are only $35! Merry Xmas Jude!

I am loving the boots by Aquazzura + Poppy Delevingne. The seventies inspired high suede boot with a graceful    clunky high heel and tassel detail is fabulous! The pointy toe lace up flat is another winner! You must visit this collection before it sells out!

On My Top Picks I have to throw in the foundation by Makeup Forever. I’m not one who wears a lot of foundation but decided I would give it a go because with the winter dullness help was needed! Well what a surprise when I discovered this gem! I actually look good and I can skip the bronzers!!

My next pick has to be the jeans you buy at Zaras! On impulse I bought a pair I found on a table for $25.99! Who knew I was going to love them! They are the most comfortable, most flattering and have the look and feel of my pairs I pay over $200! End of story I now own 4 pairs that the most expensive was $39!! A definite great Pick!!

And my last best Pick are definitely UGG boots when you don’t know what to buy for the perfect Xmas gift! They are truly my all time favorites!

Merry Xmas shopping !

Fall Fashion Finds

imageFall Fashion Finds will update your wardrobe and not cost a fortune!

I am loving the unconstructed loose swing coat from Vince! It’s soft, easy to pack, great to layer and the fashion item that you just throw on with your skinny jeans or short skirt! It looks maelous!

Fall Fashion Finds in boots at great prices are Sole Society. Stuart Weitzman has a handle on over the knee boots which are totally in! But my favorites  that aren’t big enough for my size 11 has to be Isabel Marant! This French designer just has that special edginess that I love! Oh how I wish they would fit!

Fall Fashion Finds has to include Rag & Bone for those wonderful oversized soft sweaters. They are worth the money because you won’t want to take them off! Rag & Bone has my favorite jeans, The Dre. You pay more but you’ll still be loving and wearing them next year!

And don’t forget to fall into H&M! I found a fabulous string knit sweater that I’m in love with! A very unexpected discovery that cost me $24!

UGG has a new classic collection of shearling lined boots that are slimmer and more refined than my old standbys. Check them out because they can take you anymore in the comfort and warmth that only UGG can do! However in saying that I just restocked my short and tall in cognac which I buy every year!

Fall Fashion Finds must include a skirt! You can go seventies inspiration, mini plaids, or crazy with fringe! With tights, over the knee boots, cute skirt, and your new swing coat you have it covered! Oh I forgot, you need a new bag, cute hat, definitely long skinny scarf, and great pair of new sunglasses!!