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Loved The Hats At Chanel

I Loved The Hats At Chanel!

The fall show 2016 for Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld had over 90 pieces! The coats, gowns, suits were really beautiful but for me what I went crazy for were the hats!!

I am a hat fanatic and have a great collection that range from my Stetsons, Borselinos , beanies, Fedoras and whatever else is cool to put on your head! But when I saw the hats at the Chanel Fall 2016 show I knew I was missing something!

I would describe the Chanel Hat as the same size as a bowler with a flat top. The brim was also so interesting because it just wrapped around the crown. Unfortunately as I watched the show I forgot the fashion because I was so distracted by the Hats!

My biggest problem is always size so my collection is always men because they fit me! And let’s face it, a Chanel Hat is not going to come cheap! But that part I ignore when I’m in the must have mode! Also they look so versatile that I can definitely turn it into my wear with jeans and jacket topper!

Karl Lagerfeld always puts on a show that is over the top! Between his front row of celebs and this year his new ambassador Willow Smith, the writers had a lot to talk about! So with that I know I can skip the show details and just tell you that the Chanel Hats are winners!!

Designers In Question

imageDesigners In Question probably means that I just don’t get you!

I used to buy and love Alexander McQueen. In fact I still cherish my shearling jacket and black tuxedo suit. Clothes were wearable with an exciting twist. Now when I look at he collections all I see are costumes! We all know McQueen is not with us anymore but I don’t think his image has lived on either!

I keep posting about Gucci because I can’t believe what my eyes see and what the bloggers/journalists write! Please tell someone to get rid of those dreadful flower bags and forget the ruffles! I used to always shop the shoes because they made them for my size 11 but even these designs say nothing! Designers In Question is definitely Gucci!

Times have changed and naturally fashion has evolved. But when I think of my favorite Balenciaga I don’t get that rush! I will never get rid of my weekend bags, love my two motorcycle jackets forever but have not really shopped the collection in seasons past. Could it be that the designer associated is no longer there?

So who still has the consistency? I say Chanel, Stella McCartney, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein. The dollar amounts in sales may not show it but these designers stay true to their brand. I love that their collections are identifiable and keep the image alive! They don’t follow anyone but themselves! And may I add that they are their brand! Their ┬álabels can never be passed on to anyone else!!

The Chanel Airport

imageLeave it to Karl Lagerfield to create his own airport hub!

Spring 2016 for Chanel took place in the airport created by the designer! Yes, the airline was labeled Chanel, the ticket counter had beautiful people and the uniforms were definitely Chanel!So is this fantasy? I think so! When I saw the videos of the show my mind went back to the fun movies of the sixties when Tony Curtis was surrounded by stewardesses wearing those cute hats and uniforms! Seriously Mr. Lagerfield, we don’t look like this anymore!

The premis was kitchy and very creative but for me the clothes were overwhelmed by the show! Kendall Jenner looked great, Cara Delevingne was on the front row and pretty Lily Rose Depp showed her presence.

But what did I actually see to write about? Huge Chanel bags and luggage pieces that you know you could never leave your sight! Neatly dressed passengers that resembled what used to be! However, I did catch a pair of sandals that were so unattractive with little landing lights that I actually liked them!

There were a lot of tweeds that brought me back to the days of Coco. The Chanel collection had loose chiffon long skirts over pants that could create a trend. What stood out for me were the flat top hats that really could replace the fedora for spring.

The Chanel Airport was busy with models…maybe too busy because the fashion seemed crowded. The presentation was definitely a show to remember but what it delivered left me confused! Give me my jeans for my airport uniform!