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Re Branding

Re Branding for a company that needs a change is the issue.

Lets face it, time can destroy! So poor A’& F is feeling the pain! Gone are the sexy young shirtless guys! And what about all my hoodies and sweats that have Abercrombie across my chest or ass?? I happen to have loved the quality even though shopping in those dark, loud perfume filled stores were the worst!

So now it’s Re Branding for the company and from what I’ve seen I’m confused! The women’s fashion was highlighted with a cable stitch sweater, cute flimsy dress and a button down shirt! This looked like JCrew! And may I add that I would not be following this company because their brand is more confused than yours! Re Branding is not easy and sometimes impossible!

So what would I do with a failing company such as A&F?? There would be 2 choices… Start over with a new name altogether or straighten out the mistakes from the existing but keep the best of the brand! Recognize your direction, fill the niche, stay true to your identity! From what I’ve seen, it looks like a brand new concept with the same name!! Too confusing for the consumer and I would not feel too positive!

Even looking at the model I felt no association with A&F that I knew . Actually the model was used in Kanye West collection. The energy and vibe didn’t connect! And what direction are they going into?? They want the high school college shopper to have now entered their new world and A & F will be there to dress them!

I have no idea what the brand will be but I hope the CEO has a plan even though it looks like he’s keeping it a secret! For what ever it’s worth everyone could visualize those old sweatshirts and gorgeous models!!

Fall Shopping List

imageYour Fall Shopping List is easy! You don’t need that much to look great!

Boots! Any height! Buy booties because you will live in them! As far as the tall boot, make them high! To the knee, over the knee are perfect for skinny jeans and short hemlines. The best part is that they look great with a flat heel so you can walk and be comfortable!

Your Fall Shopping List has to include jeans but I’m a little reluctant over the high waisted numbers I have been seeing. They really look like the famous Mom Jeans and I say No! But it is a trend and if you’re too young to remember this style then be my guest!

Capes, ponchos and anything you can throw over are definitely in! The more pattern the better! I still love the poncho Blake Lively wore during her pregnancy.

So what else do you need to buy that you don’t have? A great floppy hat or fedora should be included.  I’m loving the skinny scarves that create a choker while the rest just hangs probably down to your knees! Smaller bags are making a statement but for me they create the problem of what I can’t throw in!

So far I don’t have to go shopping because I own everything except I know I will because last year really doesn’t look fresh and shopping for new is always fun! But what I really want is an oversized turtleneck that I can wear over everything and feel cozy! I know I live in Los Angeles and it will probably be 90 in November but that doesn’t enter into the equation….you must always be prepared!

Fashion News

imageFashion News is sometimes good, sometimes bad! But I’m liking many things this time!

The Apple watch is having Hermes design 3 new bands and the look is fabulous! Just think, an Hermes stitched wrap around band on your Apple watch! I never wanted to wear one because they just looked too techy for my style but now I’m excited! The watches will be out in October and I have no idea of the price!! Trust me, Hermes isn’t cheap!

It seems red hair is the Fall News and Sienna Miller has transformed her blonde to a pretty shade of red that I can’t get used to! She would look good in any hair color but somehow in my eyes she has to be a blonde!

Now the next Fashion News has me puzzled because I think I like it! It’s the CarWash skirt! The slit panels are making a comeback but seeing the Dior rendition I took a second look and can visualize it being very sexy and fun!

Fashion News is the midi boot. For my style it’s usually high or booties but a pair of Midi may sneak in. I saw a pair of camel suede for $99 at H&M that looked very wearable and I actually liked them!

We all know by now that the 90’s deep lipstick shades are the it colors for fall. Check out Bobbi Browns deep Bordeaux in Your Majesty. It’s laced with great emollients and editors are calling it a winner!

Fashion News to watch out for is the collection designed for DKNY by the designers of Public School. They definitely will turn this image around!!