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Fall Fashion Finds

imageFall Fashion Finds will update your wardrobe and not cost a fortune!

I am loving the unconstructed loose swing coat from Vince! It’s soft, easy to pack, great to layer and the fashion item that you just throw on with your skinny jeans or short skirt! It looks maelous!

Fall Fashion Finds in boots at great prices are Sole Society. Stuart Weitzman has a handle on over the knee boots which are totally in! But my favorites  that aren’t big enough for my size 11 has to be Isabel Marant! This French designer just has that special edginess that I love! Oh how I wish they would fit!

Fall Fashion Finds has to include Rag & Bone for those wonderful oversized soft sweaters. They are worth the money because you won’t want to take them off! Rag & Bone has my favorite jeans, The Dre. You pay more but you’ll still be loving and wearing them next year!

And don’t forget to fall into H&M! I found a fabulous string knit sweater that I’m in love with! A very unexpected discovery that cost me $24!

UGG has a new classic collection of shearling lined boots that are slimmer and more refined than my old standbys. Check them out because they can take you anymore in the comfort and warmth that only UGG can do! However in saying that I just restocked my short and tall in cognac which I buy every year!

Fall Fashion Finds must include a skirt! You can go seventies inspiration, mini plaids, or crazy with fringe! With tights, over the knee boots, cute skirt, and your new swing coat you have it covered! Oh I forgot, you need a new bag, cute hat, definitely long skinny scarf, and great pair of new sunglasses!!

Fall Shopping List

imageYour Fall Shopping List is easy! You don’t need that much to look great!

Boots! Any height! Buy booties because you will live in them! As far as the tall boot, make them high! To the knee, over the knee are perfect for skinny jeans and short hemlines. The best part is that they look great with a flat heel so you can walk and be comfortable!

Your Fall Shopping List has to include jeans but I’m a little reluctant over the high waisted numbers I have been seeing. They really look like the famous Mom Jeans and I say No! But it is a trend and if you’re too young to remember this style then be my guest!

Capes, ponchos and anything you can throw over are definitely in! The more pattern the better! I still love the poncho Blake Lively wore during her pregnancy.

So what else do you need to buy that you don’t have? A great floppy hat or fedora should be included.  I’m loving the skinny scarves that create a choker while the rest just hangs probably down to your knees! Smaller bags are making a statement but for me they create the problem of what I can’t throw in!

So far I don’t have to go shopping because I own everything except I know I will because last year really doesn’t look fresh and shopping for new is always fun! But what I really want is an oversized turtleneck that I can wear over everything and feel cozy! I know I live in Los Angeles and it will probably be 90 in November but that doesn’t enter into the equation….you must always be prepared!

Urban Chic

imageWhat is Urban Chic? Is it street wear with a twist? Is it what you see all the celebs wearing going to Starbucks? Or is it a real identification?

There is a company called R13 that is sold at Barneys. This menswear collection is a line I like to follow because their interpretation of Urban Chic is a definite statement in the music world. What you see are really basics but that touch of grunge makes it chic and also very expensive! Destroyed jeans and skinniest can be found in every collection but the way they do it just puts it in their own category! For inspiration take a look and then rearrange your closet and put some holes in your sweaters! And that denim jacket you rarely wear, cut off the sleeves!

Urban Chic is really an attitude and how you throw these items together. Don’t overthink! And get the mindset that holes are cool! A beanie can pull everything together and definitely that plaid flannel shirt just was the last minute item.

I really like R13 but paying almost $400 for destroyed jeans is putting you in a different category that I title Urban Rich! A plaid shirt is $495! Sure it’s great looking but I say buy an oversized one at the Gap and keep washing! And the oversized sweater with holes for $995 can definitely be imitated with a scissors!

Now that I got inspired I decided to listen to what I preached! Somehow my denim jacket which is now a vest doesn’t look the same! And my old oversized sweater that I just enlarged the moth holes looks like it belongs in the trash! Maybe R13 is worth every dollar!