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Aquazzura VS Ivanka Trump

Aquazzura VS Ivanka Trump is a hot one!

Aquazzura designed one of the best selling shoes of 2015 called Wild Thing that sold for $785. The heels had a great band of fringe across the sandal and sexy straps that wrapped around the ankle and were ended with tassels Well we all know in fashion that the knockoffs claim to be inspiration and not copying but Ivanka  Trump realmy duplicated this design in her collection for $185!

So what can be done? Really almost nothing because it’s nearly impossible to patent a design when it comes to fashion but this case may be different! In fact from the Twitter posts and what I have read I would be quite embarrassed if I were Ivanka!

But let’s look at at the famous Chanel quilted bag and tell me that hasn’t inspired?? When you are an innovator you have to expect to be copied! I think the answer is always stay one step ahead and move on! However when the imitator so blatantly does it to a T then call them out!

Let’s face it there is a difference in quality when you see the Aquazzura shoe and the Ivanka Trump knockoff. The feel of the leather, the sole of the shoe and yes the fit are not the same! I for one like ┬áthe real thing! A pair of Aquazzura shoes are worn with confidence, pride and treated with care! Trust me there is a difference but I think Ivanka Trump should try her own talent if she has any!!

Designer Logos

Designer Logos has always been an issue! Whose do you want to show off!

  • I just saw a new clutch bag by Tom Ford. Now I love this designer and have worn his clothes, buy his makeup and always await his new collections. But the clutch bag I just saw for $1490 has his initials in gold that are just too too big and really thick! The Designer Logo takes up about a third of the bag! So do I object? I have no answer because the way he does everything is really so tasteful that maybe I want everyone to know its a Tom Ford!!
  • I thought I was over Gucci! I used to own the all over G in bags, belts, luggage and whatever else caught my eye! I have still held on to my double G belt and my fanny pack that is great when I need free arms. But I thought I was over the Designer Logo until I just got my little puppy! I love the carry bag for him, the red/green leash and collar may be a must! This Designer Logo has really lived on!
  • I admit I am a Designer Logo snob when it comes to Hermes! That big H is great! I will always keep my belt, bag and bracelet ! And seriously they are all worth something!
  • And Louis Vuitton rules in luggage, wallets, bags! It’s a shame that I can’t even tell the fakes from the real any more!!
  • My last Designer Logo that I wear is Nike! In fact that’s all the active wear I buy! I just like it and it has become part of my identity as stupid as that may sound!
  • So for all the rest of the Designer Logos I don’t buy the item because I won’t wear the logo! Sorry!!


Jimmy Fallon IPhone Case

imageThe Jimmy Fallon IPhone Case is either stupid or genius!

Jimmy Fallon has created and IPhone Case that has a polka dot pocket square attached to it! Now the strategy behind this gimmick is that you carry your IPhone in your jacket breast pocket and all anyone can see is the cute top of your pocket square! However when you have to answer a call you are listening with the polka dot fringe hanging from the extremity. The photo of the the receiver looked so comical that it got my attention. And the length of this Jimmy Fallon IPhone would mean the pocket would have to be very long!

But this idea is a reality because Jinmy Fallon teamed up with JCrew to produce this accessory!! Hmm, I don’t know about this one!!

So I recognize the fact that carrying your IPhone for many creates a problem! You want it to be handy but sometimes it becomes a nuisance that you can never get to !

Maybe the days of men carrying the handbag should come back! They were either shoulder strapped or clutches! And I may add they were worn by many!! But like anything else that explodes this fashion item quick deflated!

But then how about the Fanny Pack! Everyone sported this convenient statement! I loved mine because I could hike, shop and go anywhere hands free! I still have my Gucci Fanny Pack but I prefer to let it stay retired!

The Jimmy Fallon IPhone Case should not go unnoticed! It needs a little work but I won’t be surprised to actually see jackets being made to conceal your means of communication!!