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The Best Diet Foods

The Best Diet Foods for me are what I can eat and lose that Belly Fat!

I hate dieting because I never had to! But suddenly the Belly Fat appears and that means the wonderful indulgence in all my favorite foods has to end! This is hard for someone like me who really enjoys all the no no carbs and tasty sweets! So time to substitute!!

The best Diet Foods  for pasta lovers are the Shiratki noodles! A whole bag is 10 calories and so easy to prepare! My friend Arthur turned me on to the Macaroni ones that he tops with Nut Cheese! Mac N’ Cheese for your diet!

My next can’t live without are tangerines! They stop the sugar craving, really delicious and filling! If I’m in that noshing mode I just peel a few, throw them in a bowl and nosh!!

Look for Dr Praeger in the frozen food area. The broccoli cakes are terrific! And 70 calories for one! I also like the spinach cakes and just bought his fish sticks that are 120 calories for 5! He makes The Best Diet Foods!

I like eggplant! You can make an eggplant mash by peeling first, microwave for about 8 minutes, mash, add a little olive oil, vinegar, salt pepper. Sometimes I toss in pine  nuts if I have them! Try it!

I also buy a bag of beefless ground that I add to a salad of shredded lettuce. If I add a little hot sauce it tastesike a tostada. That’s where you need the nut cheese!

I usually keep this diet going for about a month with one cheat day! But after a few weeks I’m so into it that I only cheat a little! The results are so worth it when you see the fat disappear!!

And by far the best is Cauluflower! Mash, Roast or eat Raw as crudités! I’m still discovering every day easy, fast, substitutes!! That’s the secret!

Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Get Rid Of Belly Fat is the demon to reckon with!

First there are are those who swear off certain foods! The top five Nevers  are The following as cited by one nutritionist: Orange Juice, Whole Wheat, Margerine , Soy, Corn/ Bananas! I’m sure there are more but this list calls these foods the culprits! So there goes breakfast for most of us who love our glass of loaded Vitamin C juice, toast which has to be whole wheat and Margerine because we thought butter was the worst! I can live with no soy, bananas and corn but getting my brain to buy the butter is going to be difficult!

Getting Rid Of Belly Fat can be easily obtained by taking a pill called Cambodia Garcinia! I keep ordering it through Amazon, swallowing the dosage and seeing no results except when I consciously diet! So do I really need these pills??

Now the hard part, exercise! I have given up on the standard sit-ups and instead do 100 on a machine followed by planks, leg  up and down extensions. Combining this with some cardio and keep things moderately flat but somehow there’s always that remainder little bit that just seems to hang over the jeans!!

So maybe Getting Rid Of Belly Fat needs a new title after 40! I’m thinking Getting Rid Of Most Belly Fat! There may just be things we have to accept in the evolution of our life! I feel so sorry for the guys at my gym who only want that 6 pack you see posted all over your Facebook! And let’s face it girls we’re not JLo! But the struggle goes on so we still try everything!!


Finding The Right Diet

Finding The Right Diet is difficult!

My diet for the next month will be no carbohydrates such as bread, rice , potatoes, flour and all the other good stuff! Sugar is out! Surprisingly I can stay in this because it’s so limited! However in due time I need to have a diet that is my living diet for good health, nutrition and yes weight maintenance!

I am a thin person who never really ever dieted! In my modeling years was when I dieted because my weight had to be so ridiculous! But in later years I would eat whatever and if I gained a little who cared! My height always hid any extra pounds! But suddenly belly fat appeared ! Is this what they call middle age spread??

Finding The Right Diet Is not easy! I know about weight watchers and that way of eating is healthy and a definite way of life. But I don’t want to make all those recipes and I can’t have food delivered! I’m what you call a half vegan because I try not to eat meat or poultry but most of their recipes get too complicated. And Atkins or Paleo are not for me! So what is?

My biggest problem that once I get off the no carb diet I usually slide back into eating sugar again! It just seems to sneak in! And going out always gives me the excuse to eat whatever I want! No, I need a regiment that I follow!

So I think finding the Right Diet for me will have to be a combination of a limited amount of ingredients, easy to prepare dishes, and a combination of low carb meets a little vegan! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a chef! This is when I envy Oprah!!