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Boycott Dolce Gabbana

imageBoycott Dolce Gabbana! Elton John has made this proclamation and I stand with him!

The two homosexual designers came out with the most archaic , mean rhetoric I have ever heard! Their statements are beyond appalling!

So as stated ” no chemical offspring and rented uterus! These children are synthetic!!life has a natural flow and should not be changed!!! These children are synthetic coming from a rented uterus and semen chosen from a catalog!!”

I am speechless ! Sir Elton who has two beautiful children is Boycott Dolce Gabbana! And so am I! I believe in freedom of speech but this is beyond hurtful to all parents who have children through other means !

The surprising part for me is that Dolce Gabbana are two homosexual men. I would think that they would rejoice that gay couples can be parents and have family life that had been denied to them. Yes, Boycott Dolce Gabbana!!

But I question their reasoning for coming out with these beyond ridiculous statements! Is it publicity?? Have you seen their recent collections lately?  Nothing I want to wear and I used to be a big fan!!

In saying that I go back to their recent campaign praising mothers! They actually had fashion for the mother to be and their designs had scribble writing on the dresses telling mom how you love her. Was this to say that this is the only acceptable way for children to be born and homosexual men cannot have a natural family using their semen ? And gay women should not have access to a sperm bank or be fertilized  by in intro fertilization??

And I hope all the mommies refuse to wear the Dolce Gabbana tribute dresses ! Boycott Dolce Gabbana!! We support Elton John and all the other wonderful parents who had in intro fertilization!!


Dolce Gabbana Moms

imageDolce Gabbana Moms was the theme for the designers Milan show for Fall 2015! Go figure!!

I can’t even tell you what the clothes looked like because I was so taken back by this theme! I used to love Dolce Gabbana and I own quite a bit but this held no interest nor did I get why a sexy high fashion line that shows male models in brief bathing attire would suddenly say Dolce Gabbana Moms??

The show had models walking the catwalk with their children ! One dress had the childlike scribbles inspired by Angelina Jolie wedding veil. And the topper was the dress that sported a baby bump !

Maybe it’s me, but I thought the runway was to show you the trends and predictions for the upcoming season! One long sleeve stunning white simple dress had a large red rose embracing the front with the script writing saying “I love you mom!” Now I really liked this design but would feel ridiculous wearing this slogan across my body!

So I looked further to see if I could be swayed to like something but it got worse! A group of black shiny long dresses were adorned with these large roses! Then a very strange looking model was wearing a pale pink kimona type creation with the same rose detail but her hair and what was in it really got my attention. Were they trying for a geisha empress motif??

Dolce Gabbana Moms left me bewildered. From what I read , all the children on stage were well behaved so there was no baby North drama….this is a collection you have to judge for yourself!