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Stella McCartney Review Fall 2016

Stella McCartney Review Fall 2016 has mixed feelings coming from me!

Stella McCartney sales are up, new stores opening and get Fall 2016 was well received! Well that’s where we disagree because I was no t overwhelmed! Being A Stella McCartney fan for years I wanted to see fashion I would wear, must have or really dream about! I remember the days when my closet had her great pant suits, unbelievable knits and a cape that I adored! But seeing her Fall 2016 I just didn’t get it!

First were these high neck dresses out of beautiful soft fabrics but the ruffle detail or the peculiar way they draped around the ankles looked like cocoons to me! Sure they must be very comfortable to wear but who wants to be lost in all this fabric?

I did like the parkas but the one color I never wear is rust and that ruined it for me! There wer high waisted pants paired with blouses that had no real appeal so that whole look was a disappointment.

Stelka McCartney introduced pleats which I was never a fan of from the Mary McFaddon days so this whole look was not for me! I liked her flowy oversized coats and the image in all white. There was a very intricate evening look in in pale grey that had spaghetti strap top with detailed layering of different fabrications on the bottom that I could see a celeb wearing.

And speaking of celebs there was Amber Valetta on the front row who looked stunning in an almost bare face.

So my Stella McCartney Review Fall 2016 will definitely get another study because I really applaud this designer so maybe my review was just too immediate! I usually react to my first feelings! Maybe I need to work on this!!

Ridiculous List

imageMy Ridiculous List has new entries!

For $583 you can buy a pink mesh dress with strategic Pom pons from Nasty Gal! You also will  get panties and a bra in this bargain! The dress had to make the Ridiculous List because who would ever buy such a silly dress and spend this amount of money! Well guess what, it sold out in the small sizes!

So the latest on baby North is that mama Kim puts pearls on her at bedtime! How does this adorable child stand a chance with a mother who dresses and adorns her like an inhumane doll? Could it be. ” like mother like daughter?” Hopefully she won’t try the blue contacts as someone posted on Instagram!!

Shailene Woodley eats clay to rid her body of toxic metals! Now it’s a form of clay that you can digest but still the thought has made my Ridiculous List! Why would a young girl even think about this let alone try it??

There was some cool fashion in the sixties but trying to revive the golf sweater that my father loved is a definite No ! And tennis whites on the court? Just seeing the photos of what men ‘s fashion is advocating I wonder who the advocates are and what they must look like ?? I’m thinking more like Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent and not Mr. Rogers!!

My Ridiculous List has to include the Dolce Gabbana controversy! Don’t these two know that buyers aren’t buying their over the top designs and sagging sales further confirm that the public doesn’t want them! I’m with Elton John..Boycott! Show them who’s Ridiculous!!




Dolce Gabbana Moms

imageDolce Gabbana Moms was the theme for the designers Milan show for Fall 2015! Go figure!!

I can’t even tell you what the clothes looked like because I was so taken back by this theme! I used to love Dolce Gabbana and I own quite a bit but this held no interest nor did I get why a sexy high fashion line that shows male models in brief bathing attire would suddenly say Dolce Gabbana Moms??

The show had models walking the catwalk with their children ! One dress had the childlike scribbles inspired by Angelina Jolie wedding veil. And the topper was the dress that sported a baby bump !

Maybe it’s me, but I thought the runway was to show you the trends and predictions for the upcoming season! One long sleeve stunning white simple dress had a large red rose embracing the front with the script writing saying “I love you mom!” Now I really liked this design but would feel ridiculous wearing this slogan across my body!

So I looked further to see if I could be swayed to like something but it got worse! A group of black shiny long dresses were adorned with these large roses! Then a very strange looking model was wearing a pale pink kimona type creation with the same rose detail but her hair and what was in it really got my attention. Were they trying for a geisha empress motif??

Dolce Gabbana Moms left me bewildered. From what I read , all the children on stage were well behaved so there was no baby North drama….this is a collection you have to judge for yourself!