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Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Get Rid Of Belly Fat is the demon to reckon with!

First there are are those who swear off certain foods! The top five Nevers  are The following as cited by one nutritionist: Orange Juice, Whole Wheat, Margerine , Soy, Corn/ Bananas! I’m sure there are more but this list calls these foods the culprits! So there goes breakfast for most of us who love our glass of loaded Vitamin C juice, toast which has to be whole wheat and Margerine because we thought butter was the worst! I can live with no soy, bananas and corn but getting my brain to buy the butter is going to be difficult!

Getting Rid Of Belly Fat can be easily obtained by taking a pill called Cambodia Garcinia! I keep ordering it through Amazon, swallowing the dosage and seeing no results except when I consciously diet! So do I really need these pills??

Now the hard part, exercise! I have given up on the standard sit-ups and instead do 100 on a machine followed by planks, leg  up and down extensions. Combining this with some cardio and keep things moderately flat but somehow there’s always that remainder little bit that just seems to hang over the jeans!!

So maybe Getting Rid Of Belly Fat needs a new title after 40! I’m thinking Getting Rid Of Most Belly Fat! There may just be things we have to accept in the evolution of our life! I feel so sorry for the guys at my gym who only want that 6 pack you see posted all over your Facebook! And let’s face it girls we’re not JLo! But the struggle goes on so we still try everything!!


Get A Great Neck

imageGet A Great Neck  can be achieved without having the surgery tagged a neck lift!

The first remedy are the numerous creams on the market. They all claim to be miraculous and may help a little in tightening but if you have that droopy turkey situation or sagging jowls, you are going to need more!

I recommend a procedure performed by your dermatologist called mesotherapy. This is a so-called cocktail that is injected into the hanging fat pocket. This solution will dissolve the fat in your neck area. Usually you need a series to see the improvement. However once there is no fat, you may be left with dreadful sagging skin! A simple inexpensive procedure can then be performed by a plastic surgeon that just pulls and tightens the skin. This so called lift can be done in an office and has very little down time. It doesn’t do anything with the muscles, just the loose skin. But beware if anyone tries to talk you into threading. I don’t recommend this procedure!

Injectibles like Botox can tighten the cords and Juviderm can lift the jowls. But crepe skin  and turkey necks need more!

Something new is  the magical pen with the vibrating needles that a doctor will use to penetrate the skin and then inject hyaluronic solution to plump and hydrate. This is the same principle as that dreadful little roller which I never use! This sounds very promising!

The laser treatments to Get A Great Neck are Titan and Thermage. However these treatments will improve but if you are too far gone don’t expect miracles! I did the Titan and found it so uncomfortable that it was a complete turnoff!

Can you Get A Great Neck with a chemical peel? Questionable and very uncomfortable with a down time of having a red, tender,  scabbing neck! I say forget this one!

And last are the yoga facial exercises. I bet they do work but I’ve never lasted out a week of doing them!

Do research on Get A Great Neck but don’t let this age giveaway go without any help!!! There are solutions for this problem!

Face Gyms

imageFace Gyms are the new trend! Work out those muscles!

The new trend sprouting up in New York are classified as Face Gyms! Why not work out your face? This the natural way to avoid the knife! But does it work?

Every couple decades this fad emerges and for a while becomes popular. I remember driving in my car kissing the roof! And every red light was a chance to make a really funny face! But like anything else for me it was nothing that I really incorporated into my life because Botox was available!

Based on the book Face Love Fitness a new craze is emerging ! In one studio/ gym that is run by a trainer, a masseuse, and a beautician you go through a complete exercise regime at the Face Gym. A massage follows and instructions for home enforcement is provided. But does it work?

There are advocates who swear by facial exercises and they look great. The only problem is that you must stick to it! Sure there are books, videos and now gyms to support your task but the easy alternative to have a couple injections stares back at you! However, you will never looked puffed, pulled or paralyzed by doing it the natural way!

So will the Face Gyms succeed? Will you keep toned , restore a healthy complexion and always have that healthy youthful jawline? My answer is a definite yes to all but the little snag is that you must do it! And that doesn’t mean whenever!