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Rails Plaid Shirts

imageThe Rails Plaid Shirt is seen on the celebrities so you know it’s cool!

I love my Plaid Shirts and am very particular about the fit, the feel and certainly the plaid. When I saw Giselle wearing a great one then I had to find out whose it was! The company is Rails and since my discovery it showed the many well known  in the Hollywood set were wearing  Rails Plaid Shirts!

Rails is a California company that has their Plaids being worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner , Beyoncé, Olivia Wilde! These luscious shirts don’t come cheap starting at $80 and going up to $150 but when you think of how much a pair of boots can cost, these are easy to squeak into the budget. The line has shirts for both men and women so if you’re like me, you will want the men’s!

I also love Plaid Shirts sold at the Levi stores. They seem to have that touch of authenticity that the cheaper ones lack. Ralph Lauren is my other source but sometimes they’re just too heavy for my California weather. I like to tie them around my waist so if needed I can just throw it on.

The Rails collection can be found at Saks, Nordstrom and Shopbop. When you see the shirts you will probably feel limited in color selections but in reality a good Plaid Shirt says it all in what they offer. Naturally I have to have the one Giselle was photographed in! The strong navy / red combination or do I want the softer blues that Kendall had tied around her waist? Now this is where it starts getting expensive!!



Fashion News

imageFashion News goes from the interesting to the ridiculous!

Its all over the Fashion Newsthat women are not allowed to wear flats on the Red Carpet at #Cannes Film Festival! Could this be the most insane proclamation yet! I just read about a woman in her fifties who was wearing a pair of chic rhinestone flats because she could not wear heels and had to leave!! And may I add, did you see those stairs?? Let that idiotic male who made this rule put on his stilettos and try to climb!

There’s a new movie in the works starring Kristen Sewart working with Olivier Assayas called Personal Shopper. It’s actually a horror ghost story that I have no idea what the plot will be but the title sounds great! I was a Personal Shopper for a brief stint and it was a horror story considering the divas I had to please!

I have never shopped Stuart Weitzman shoes but seeing his ads with Gisele he is definitely creating a very sexy image. I know his designs are always promoting comfort but with bare chested Gisele I think he’s also bringing in another aspect!

Fashion News has to be the collaboration of Balmain and H&M coming this fall. For me seeing the elite cross over to the mass market is headline news! Let’s face it, money talks! Selling to the 1% isn’t going to cut it anymore!

My last Fashion News was seeing Taylor Swift at the Billboard awards accepting her 8 trophies. That white bandeau top jumpsuit was the best! And I loved her hair and makeup! She looked fantastic! Get rid of that red lipstick and keep up this look!

Short Hair Long Hair

imageShort Hair Long Hair is the important question! Are you in question??

Every woman sometime in her life gets herself in the dilemma whether it’s Short Hair Long Hair! Personally I have cut, chopped my Long Hair only to lament and start growing it again the next day! The truth is I look terrific in the Meg Ryan/ Sally Hershberger cut but for a thick mop of wavy hair it’s not easy! I hate blowing , can’t stand product and somehow my streaked hair always has roots! And forget the popular bob! For that sleek swingy hairstyle I definitely need to be at the Blow Bar every day!

So Short Hair Long Hair for me is keep it really long and every 12 weeks get a Brazilian!

Dakota Johnson just went Short Hair or should I say chin length Bob! From the pictures I saw she looked like all she needed was a business suit to go to the office! The dark hair and side swept bang had absolutely no sex appeal, fun or real style! But msybe in the next photos a good stylist will perk her up!

There are some icons who never cut their hair! I don’t think Christy Brinkley or Gisele have ever been in the Short Hair Long Hair dilemma! Their gorgeous manes are gifts from above and should never be cropped to follow any trend!

The celebs who look great in their Short Hair all have that easy straight hair that just seems to fall into place. I don’t think they struggle with those dreadful wingettes or crazy curls you just don’t want! Sienna Miller looks terrific and her hair texture won’t even make the growing out stage difficult! Charlize Theron is one star who can wear anything and look easy and comfortable.

My advice is think before you chop! Yes it’s only hair and it will grow but the whole ordeal can be agonizingly painful!! Long Hair girl signing off!