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SkyHigh Platforms Are Back

SkyHigh Platforms Are Back!

anyone who lived through the nineties know what I’m talking about! The Spice Girls had the look! Yes the killer Sky High Platforms that made me 6’2!! And half the time I was twisting my ankles with my size 11 shoe boxes on my feet!

Well SkyHigh Platforms Are Back! Marc Jacobs features them in his show even though his were ridiculous! But the Gucci black and white rendition are really cool looking even though totally impractical unless you’re short!!

Rihanna x Puma happens to have a cool pair of Athleisure  sneakers in black with patent trim. They are definitely a Rihanna look!

Opening Ceremony did the tall platform boots in exotic skins. Somehow they remind me of what I see on Hollywood Blvd. or in Kinky Boots!!

You will see the SkyHigh Platforms in every style imaginable! Burberry is showing a classic Oxford sitting on top of the thick chunky sole! How high you want to go will be up to you!

And at the Giamba show I did like the Moto  boots on Platforms! There was something edgy when worn with simple dresses and cropped jackets! I see this style making an impact on all who are so bored with our basic boots!!

Just remember you are not Lady Gaga or one of the Spice Girls! Keep the Platform in what looks fashionable and not ridiculous!!

Gucci Goes Graffiti

Gucci Goes Graffiti in handbags and I actually like it!

I have not been a fan of the Gucci image that has models wearing insane prints, big bow blouses and oversized eye glasses! But finall y I’m seeing something that definitely should explode! Gucci Goes Graffiti!

Instead of suing the guy called the Gucci Ghost from Brooklyn who copied the double G logo and put it on all the fakes, Alessandro Michele decided to collaborate and created a cool line of Gucci handbags that will definitely be seen on the street! Now they’re not for everyone but the artistry is there and they have a very hip vibe!

It takes a very brave soul to actually use graffiti across an expensive Gucci bag but that’s what happened and I know they will be in demand! Gucci handbags still have the big double G logo and are using eye boggling colors such as Pepto pink, canary yellow and the brightest turquoise imaginable! So why not go all the way and destroy the ladylike image with street Graffiti !

I loved the big black tote that had the raised letters that spell Gucci on the base but then hand done in bright yellow the word REAL painted across the body! A classic black shoulder bag with gold chain strap got Graffiti all over in gold , white and turquoise! The symbols were G’s and stars!!

I have no idea how expensive, what the production quantity will be but my bet is a limited few and expensive! In fact maybe a collectors piece!

Unbelievable that Gucci Goes Graffiti is the only thing I really like!!

Alessandro Michele

imageAlessandro Michele is the golden boy of Gucci.

Alessandro Michele was the unknown director of accessories for the failing Gucci until he was promoted as creative director and turned the company around. His last 4 collections have added a spark and excitement to the corporation and sales have increased! In fact he was just given the British Fashion Award for his excellence.

So in saying all of this I still don’t get it! When I enter a Gucci store I try to be open minded and not swayed by my own personal Tom Ford taste!

The only item I wanted which was sold out were a pair of leather backless slip on loafers lined in fur! Usually  I always find shoes because Gucci fits my size 11 feet.. but not this time! What happened?

As far as handbags, I always had something with the G’s in my wardrobe but I’m not gravitating towards anything! In fact, I thought the seventies revival of those flowers was just not making it! And somehow the status G’s hardware were just too big for my liking!

So why has Alessandro Michele made such a hit? The fashion was filled with bows, ruffles, prints that are not my look or style at all ! Have I just become too stale  in my uniform dressing? And when I see the red carpet with Gwyneth Paltrow wearing an emerald green mini with ruffles, I cringe! Does she actually like this dress?

Alessandro Michele is getting everyone’s vote! Gucci is the new fashion trend. I guess that leaves me out! I’ll still hold onto a great pair of sunglasses from years ago and my double G belt but for anything new, I pass!!