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Keep Your Hair Color

Keep Your Hair Color is the advice I give to Gigi and Kendall!

At the Balmain show Gigi Hadid sported a black wig and her BF Kendall Jenner a blonde one! Please girls Keep your Hair  Color! Gigi in my opinion looked dreadful and Kendall not too much better! These two gorgeous models are girls who just look the best in what they have!

Now Khloe Kardashian is a female who can change her hair color from blonde to brunette and look great in any color! I like her either way!

Lady Gaga is another woman who can wear any Hair Color and I expect it! Her changes make things interesting and add to the character of the moment!

Keep Your Hair Color I say to Kim Kardashian. Somehow when I see her blonde I lose her identity. She is a beautiful brunette !

There are some actresses who just don’t have that strong identity so when they change Hair Color it’s really no big deal! Rachel McAdams is now a blonde but probably by next week something else! Emma Stone is another one that I can’t remember what Hair Color she is sporting. But there are those special few who gave those magical looks that you can classify as the beautiful blonde, the sultry brunette or the fiery redhead! We all know Lucy was our favorite redhead , Jean Harlow the sexy blonde and Elizabeth Taylor the most beautiful brunette! Never change your Hair Color!!

New Trends

imageNew Trends may just be things we’ve seen before popping up again!

Tattooing the face isn’t a New Trend but this application may be the answer for those full lips you always wanted! The solution is a permanent tattoo that extends over your natural lip line! It should last about 10 years but that may not be so positive if you made a mistake! The lips are tricky so you better really investigate before you commit!

The seventies revival is really a trend thT comes back every decade! This time around it’s the button up skirt that hits about mid thigh and comes in the famous hippie suede or denim! Wear now with flats and in fall the boots and the turtleneck! Yes it was definitely a look!

Speaking of the seventies let’s address hair. Allure magazine is getting a lot of negative feedback over the posting of the Afro on a white model. The article did not show any appreciation of the black cultural and how the Afro came to be. However the magazine has expressed their regrets in slighting an entire culture!!

New Trends is going to be the new Air Jordan sneaker group by rapper Drake. Two samples got to Ebay and brought in  $100,000! Can you believe?  What a following this guy has!

New Trends are collaborations between designers and companies to create great designs and have the luxury of the companies distribution and real estate in major stores. Paul and Joe are joining up with Cosabella to create a fun lingerie group. I’m loving the playful fun prints and whimsical color combinations! The previews look adorable!

New Trends are easily created by the Instagram favorites! Gigi Hadid has everyone wearing top buns, Kylie Jenner sold out MAC spice lipliner and contouring is now a tutorial thanks to Kim! Let’s see what’s next!!

Beauty News

imageBeauty News update on what’s new this week! Or maybe what’s new to me!

This headline just had me saying What?? Can you believe that granny panties are in and Spanx out? First of all who is the customer? My thong hotties are going to now wear granny panties? Reminds me of Bridget Jones in her famous make out scene! This is Beauty News that really needs more validation! I want to know who!!

Poor eyebrows are now getting dyed in bold colors! Kaley Cuoco just made her brows pink to match her hair! But she’s so cute anything looks good. However I just saw a photo of vivid purple that had to go!!

Still on brows in Beauty News Kat Von D has created a brow pencil that imitates a tattoo pen so you can draw your own brow hairs with precision. This product actually sounds good.

An article was written about wearing red! The color represents anger and aggressiveness so never wear to a job interview! So I ask does the color red pertain to lipstick too? Does Taylor Swift show any of these signs when wearing her famous red lips? I don’t think so!

Beauty News is showing that the lib which became the Bob has now become the fringed ends cut. The updated version is really very sexy casual and let’s the hair color be what ever you prefer. I’m loving Sienna Miller and Jessica Alba in their cuts. From my own experience this style doesn’t always work on thick naturally wavy  hair like mine. It’s not as easy to maintain as the stylists are claiming!! Hair must be able to just tousle and not stick out where ever it wants to!

Beauty News changes by the day! Could it be that we are all bored!!