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Loved The Hats At Chanel

I Loved The Hats At Chanel!

The fall show 2016 for Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld had over 90 pieces! The coats, gowns, suits were really beautiful but for me what I went crazy for were the hats!!

I am a hat fanatic and have a great collection that range from my Stetsons, Borselinos , beanies, Fedoras and whatever else is cool to put on your head! But when I saw the hats at the Chanel Fall 2016 show I knew I was missing something!

I would describe the Chanel Hat as the same size as a bowler with a flat top. The brim was also so interesting because it just wrapped around the crown. Unfortunately as I watched the show I forgot the fashion because I was so distracted by the Hats!

My biggest problem is always size so my collection is always men because they fit me! And let’s face it, a Chanel Hat is not going to come cheap! But that part I ignore when I’m in the must have mode! Also they look so versatile that I can definitely turn it into my wear with jeans and jacket topper!

Karl Lagerfeld always puts on a show that is over the top! Between his front row of celebs and this year his new ambassador Willow Smith, the writers had a lot to talk about! So with that I know I can skip the show details and just tell you that the Chanel Hats are winners!!

Juicy Couture Relaunch

imageJuicy Couture Relaunch will either make it or sink!

Who can forget the famous velour track suits from Juicy Couture! They weren’t the most flattering but very comfortable and at the time the thing to wear! In fact, rhinestones across the ass was also cool if you can imagine! Well like anything in fashion, time will tell you it’s over! And when Juicy Couture appears at Kohls you know it’s not chic anymore!

So the once hottest company is trying for a Juicy Couture Relaunch! From my experience in fashion I know that the attempt to change the image with designs that will get your customer back or a new one is not easy! And how far do you divert from the glitzy girly image of yesterday?

From the photos I have seen the Juicy Couture Relaunch looks like Victoria Secret! Pretty faced models with cute perky hats, floppy skirts and still girly fashion! The glitz seems to be gone but the same girl who wore it once may have a second look! But let’s admit, those sweatsuits in every color imaginable gave that girl the uniform she loved!

So now its2015 and things have changed. As for me my UGG boots will always be part of my uniform. But what is the Juicy Couture Relaunch actually showing? Yes, the tracksuit is still there but not in neon or French Terry! However from what I saw it didn’t look so special so why buy Juicy Couture? The skull cap beanies on the pretty models were in pink and white but couldn’t resist the word Juicy in large letters studded across your forehead! This I think was the first mistake!! Play down the signage and develop another insignia that gets you out of the yesterday era!

I don’t know about this one! We’ll see who carries it! Kohls??

Dangerous Fashion

imageCan you believe that what you wear can be tagged as Dangerous Fashion?

A woman in Australia had to be cut from her skinny jeans and was hospitalized for 4 days! Apparently she was squatting too long! Could it be they were a little snug??

We all know what shoes can do to your ankles , posture and feet! But spraining your ankle because you actually twisted on the platform is telling you to forget the Dangerous Fashion!

Madonna ┬áprobably won’t wear a cape again on stage! I remember getting caught in a revolving door wearing my most cherished red cape! Not a pretty sight! And may I add it was the same cape that got caught in the New York cab door! Forget the capes for me!

The Birkin bag got touted for possibly causing tendinitis because of the way women carry them in the crook of their arm! I wonder how Victoria Beckham is faring with her stash of over 100!

And then there’s Lady Gaga who half the time has some crazy thing on her head that blocks anything ahead of her! And may I also throw in the shoes! DangerousFashion doesn’t scare this superstar!

But the best has to be the waist cinched Kim Kardashian sports! She would have made a great geisha with wrapped feet that would match her wasp waist!

Do we not feel the pain? I know what shoes too small feel like! And I also have a few pair of skinny jeans that do stop all circulation! So why do I keep these demons? I think all women have the vision that someday they will become comfortable because the salesperson told us they will stretch! Forget it!!!