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New Trends

imageNew Trends spans everything from fashion to makeup! I love this topic!

The hottest new top you must have is a black long sleeved clingy knit that plunges to the waist but laces up the front! It holds you up, can be as revealing as you want and really is an eye catcher! However, this is really nothing new because I wore it in the 80’s!

In makeup, the New Trend is liquid lipstick! Every brand seems to have one from Dior, Estée Lauder, Stila, Two Faced and so on. Well I tried one on and I instantly had patent leather lips! It’s not for me but I can see those who can’t get enough shine loving this waxy liquid lipstick! And may I add, it doesn’t come off on anything!

Thereare retail stores that failed but are being dug up from the dead and tagged”ZombieStores!” Investors are seeing merit in the brand and bringing back Limited Too! Interesting to see if their fan base are still alive!

I always loved the classic fabulous boots by Loefflet Randall. These designers have that style that seems to be stylish yet will endure time. Well now they are designing an outerwear collection and it looks terrific! Just enough to satisfy what you need and want.

Zaras has jeans for under $50 that look great! This to me is worth trying on. Let’s face it, jeans are based on fit, wash, style and let’s add price! I’m checking them out.

My last New Trend is called MiraDry. This treatment promises to microwave the hair under your arms away and control sweating. The actual procedure is done in a doctors office and seems so simple and painless. I guess if you’re too lazy to shave and put on deodorant than this could be for you!