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Plastic Surgery Results

imagePlastic Surgery Results can be good or bad!

Kim Kardashian claims she did nothing! Well if that’s nothing then I don’t know how she transformed herself with just injections! However, after looking at before and after photos I think her Plastic Surgery Results are good except for the breasts!! Her face is completely re shaped, nose not the same and breasts and ass over the top!! I think she’s prettier in the face area but comical in the lower half! My advice: Stop !!

Renee Zellweiger was adorably beautiful! Her Plastic Surgery Results  made changes in her appearance that I think were terrific! Sure she’s older and gravity set in so why not fix it! She looks more sophisticated and her cute cheeks have disappeared but Renee is a beautiful woman and should love her new look!

Uma Thurman had to have something done even though she denies it. What ever she did may have changed her face slightly but it’s still Uma! She has to be on your TV screens so why not get rid of those bags and wrinkles!

Cher is my idol! I loved her crooked teeth, prominent nose and no tits but with all she did, she’s still Cher! Plastic Surgery Results transformed her and that’s her choice! She doesn’t have a wrinkle on her face!!

Have you seen Madonna lately? A 58 year old who could go up against any 30 year old! Whatever she has done should be shared with everyone !!

Plastic Surgery Results can be horrible! Just look at all the faces on the Housewives! And Wayne Newton!! Some faces we just get used to while others are just plain scary ! I hope Bruce Jenner knows when to stop!!

Celebrity Flesh

imageCelebrity Flesh is simply how much they can show!

It was 27 degrees in New York and Kim Kardashian was wearing a teeny midriff top with her cargo pants! Yes she had a coat thrown over but it wasn’t closed! And forget a scarf because then no one could see her famous boobs! I also noticed that she seems to always be walking behind Kanye!  Kim , he’s not even looking!

Celebrity Flesh becomes boring! Once you’ve seen it the mystery is gone ! Miley Cyrus is a perfect example of what I tag as over exposure! What else is left for her to do?

There are a few stars who show Celebrity Flesh with class and it fits their personna. Lady Gaga is a perfect example who flaunts her cute breasts in the most natural way! She looked fantastic with Tony Bennett! Could it be that everything was in proportion and your stare was t concentrated on huge fake things???

Another natural beauty is Beyoncé. Her plunge can be down to her waist and she still carries off the sophistication and quality of a true icon. Add Victoria Beckham, Charlize Theron to this list.

But now I have to discuss Madonna! What was she thinking when she exposed her fishnet covered ass?? And jiggling her push up boobs for the camera! Yes she looks fabulous but trying to to impress her fans with this tacky Celebrity Flesh represented a star who is struggling to hold on! I felt sorry for her that she was stooping so low for attention!

So is it attention ? Insecurity ? Or simply wanting to show off their new boobs ? I’m sure Celebrity Flesh is appreciated by the male population…they don’t care whether real or fake, big or small as long as they see something!





Fake or Real

imageFake or Real puts me in the middle! Some things must be Real while others I’m proud to say are Fake!

I love Louis Vuitton! Those little LV’s mean class!! I carry a wallet, makeup purse, check book, key holder, small purse for phone and credit card holder! And it’s all Real! Louis Vuitton never wears out! Well my dilemma arose when I saw my friends huge gorgeous duffle bag !! Fake or Real ? I couldn’t tell the difference! And I always wanted one but never could get myself to buy! But I could have this for practically nothing!! So far I haven’t said yes! For Louis Vuitton it has to be real!

My gold jewelry has always been Real. But something happened in my life and I didn’t want to hold on to the memories so I sold the chunky Gucci horsebit bracelet, the triple Cartier bangle, the Bulgari rings and my gorgeous Cartier chain. But now there was a void and I wanted a gold link chain bracelet and maybe a few thin bangles. But I didn’t want to spend what I had in the past so I started to shop online. I found a Cuban link gold something link bracelet that for $20 looked good!! I love it!! It is a Fake that looks Real!! And the 2 thin bangles from Sole Society are perfect! They sit next to a Cartier watch and a hand with 3 Cartier rings!! And if you ask me I tell you how much and where to buy!

Fake or Real takes me into another category! I admit, I hate Fake breasts! I had them and took them out!! When I see these things at the gym that are plunked on the skinny bodies I shudder!! No Fake for me !

So for me there will always be those labels that must be Real! Hermes, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton! But seeing my bag that cost me $2000 being worn by my friend for $300 has me thinking!!

Fake or Real???